Today’s episode opens with Gayatri. She shows Maninder Saumya’s room CCTV wire and says someone has cut it. Bebe covers the talk and says she too has heard someone’s footwear sound. and ask Gayatri to inform the police. Gayatri says no need, as she will fit the CCTV cameras everywhere.

Heer takes Soham to Mallika’s house and says him that they can help him knowing his grandmother and father’s house. Soham says he don’t like them thus he will not go but Heer insists him.  Mallika gets shocked seeing Soham and Heer. Heer ask Mallika to tell where Saumya’s mother and father stays.

Mallika brings Heer and Soham back to Preeto. Preeto and Mallika make a story in front of the duo. Later, Preeto gets a call from Gayatri and gets shocked learning that someone attacked Saumya last night. 

Preeto meets Saumya and ask her to respond.Gayatri consoles her.

Afterwards, Gayatri takes Maninder’s name. Preeto hears his name and tells to Gayatri that Saumya’s father name is Maninder too. Bebe gets restless. Maninder and Preeto comes face to face.

Preeto accuses Maninder for harming Saumya. Maninder calls Saumya his daughter and tells to Preeto that from now neither he will kill nor he will let anyone to harm her. There, Varun looks for Saumya. He meets Reet and she gets shocked seeing Saumya’s pic. Reet tells to Varun that she don’t know her.

Here, Maninder sees Preeto at the garden. He goes to her and Preeto tells to Maninder what all happened with Harman and Saumya. Maninder gets emotional. He further promises to Preeto that till he is alive he won’t let anybody to harm Saumya. Varun stands confused seeing Preeto and Mainder together. Preeto gets teary hearing Maninder. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Bebe goes to kill Saumya. He chokes her neck and Saumya opens her eyes. Maninder stands stunned seeing Saumya.