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The episode starts with Preeto asking Saumya to go to temple. Saumya acts like she got headache all of a sudden so she wants to stay home. Harman worries for her and says he will cancel the plan. Saumya tells him not to do that as it’s Preeto wish to visit the temple. He should not hurt Preeto. Saumya says she will take medicines and will be fine after some time. She sends them away and then she calls someone saying she wants to meet him/her in a particular place.

Parmeet asks Heer does she go to college to hire maids? Heer replies to Parmeet that in her absence Geetu will take care of Parmeet and Geetu knows household chores too so Parmeet will get some help. Heer says Geetu really needs job and they also need a house help. Virat tells the same. Geetu tells Parmeet she knows everything. Geetu shows food pictures to her saying she made all this and her dishes are so delicious that it went viral on the internet and where she used to work previously they clicked pictures of her dishes. Parmeet gets annoyed with her continuous bickering. They finally hire Geetu as their house help and Heer is about to show her the house but Daljeet comes in the meantime and calls Parmeet. Everyone gets shocked to see him.

Harman tells his family that he wants to go home as soon as possible as Saumya is unwell. Harak teases him saying he is really worried for his wife so he can’t waste time. On their way back to home Preeto notices Saumya is talking to a guy. Preeto gets surprised and tells Harman to stop the car. She says she just saw Saumya. Harak says Saumya is sleeping and it’s Preeto’s misunderstanding. Preeto no it’s not. She gets out of the car and goes to check Saumya. But Saumya hides with the guy seeing Preeto. Preeto finds nobody and tells her family where did Saumya go. She is sure that Saumya was here. Harak says Saumya is sleeping in home. Preeto gets confused. They leave.

Daljeet hugs Parmeet and says he got bail as the real culprit was Angel. Daljeet tells Gurwindar that he won’t hurt her in future. Daljeet goes towards Heer but Virat comes in between. He looks at Daljeet angrily. Parmeet tells Daljeet he did an unforgivable crime for which Virat and Daljeet have certain differences. Gurwindar apologises to everyone on behalf of Daljeet. She says he won’t repeat the mistake again. They should forgive him for the last time. Parmeet says being a mother she can forgive Daljeet but she can’t forgive him on behalf of Virat and Heer. Virat tells Heer they are getting late for college. Parmeet will tell Geetu about the household work. Virat and Heer are about to leave but Daljeet comes in front of Virat. Daljeet says he forgave Virat in childhood for every wrong deed then why can’t the latter forgive him now. Virat says he should apologise to Heer for troubling her. It’s not just about doing wrong to Virat. Virat tells Heer that noone will support their decision so they should leave. Gurwindar stops Virat.

Preeto rushes to see Saumya in room. She sees Saumya is sleeping. Saumya gets up and Preeto questions her how come she returned so early. Saumya lies to her that she was taking rest, she didn’t go out. Everyone says it was Preeto’s misunderstanding. Raavi gives prasad to Saumya. Preeto says she saw Saumya on street and it was not her illusion. Harak tells Preeto to make tea. Preeto leaves the room. Harman locks the door and looks at Saumya suspiciously.

Gurwindar tells Virat that why can’t he just forgive Daljeet when he respects her feelings. Gurwindar pleads Heer saying she should convince Virat to forgive Daljeet else in same house two brothers should not stay like strangers. Noone can stay happy like this. If Heer forgives Daljeet then Virat will also do the same. Geetu says in a joint family such arguments are common and Heer should not hold grudges. Virat tells Geetu not to give lecture without knowing the truth. He shuts her up and Geetu gets scared. Heer then stops Virat and
says they should not leave now. Virat gets shocked.

Episode ends