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Harak Singh and villagers go to find Soham, Preeto tells police to search for Soham. Police ask the masked man to get up, he is none other than Rohan, police say they have old relation with Harak, they will do anything to help them. Police call to station and tells to search for a boy named Soham, the murderer, they will send the pic.

Heer removes the Haldi onto Mahi’s dupatta as haldi falling on ground is bad sign. A guest says Heer didn’t change a bit, naughty as in childhood. Guest says her kids will be more naughty than her. Mahi smile fades, she remembers the moment after Heer was born and Preeto saying baby is kinnar. Heer asks Mahi how will she handle her grandchildren. Preeto comes and says she will handle her babies just like she raised Heer. Shanoo wonders where was Preeto till now. Preeto takes Shanoo to room asking her to show what she will wear for Sangeet.

Preeto puts knife of Shanoo’s neck and shows a chit, she has to make Heer understand that Soham left this letter and went out for few days.

Raavi gets call from Virat and gives phone to Heer. Heer goes to room, Virat surprises her and both have emotional, romantic moments. Heer asks if he does its romance, if she does its ashleel. Virat asks if she is angry for it till now. Heer sneezes multiple times, Virat asks if she is fine. Heer says she got cold because of Haldi, its bad in Covid times, she asks him to leave.

Preeto tells them to act well so that Heer stops asking about Soham, its very necessary for Soham to stay far till marriage happens, otherwise he will try to reveal truth.

Police are searching for Soham, he hides behind bushes and thinks he has to bring the truth out before marriage.

Harak Singh calls Virat and says Soham escaped, he can come there anytime to reveal the truth. Bell rings and Harak asks if its Soham. Virat’s mother goes towards door and opens. Two men come to deliver flowers and other things required for marriage. Virat is relieved and asks Harak if he doesn’t trust him, he will manage everything. He says I love you Harak Singh, he remembers how Harman used to say the same and says I love you to Virat. Virat family are making arrangements for Sangeet.

Family are talking about Soham for Heer to hear them. Sindhu tells Shanoo to act well. Shanoo cries loudly and says Soham went away, he is angry about marriage, he left this letter in room and went. Heer reads the letter, Soham can’t see Heer marrying Virat, but he can’t go against his sister happiness. He will come soon. Heer cries why he went, Sindhu gives the gift Soham left for Heer. Rohan consoles Heer.

Heer is outside Virat’s home but he can’t go inside as there are many police as security.

Virat and Heer families meet for Mehendi ritual. Virat tells Heer he has a surprise for her. He will put mehendi to her and asks for her hand. Heer says he doesn’t even to know to put jam on bread, bride’s mehendi is special and he can’t spoil it. Virat says love makes us do everything and draws mehendi. Soham thinks he won’t let the marriage happen.