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Heer says Virat, this one is for you and switches on music, she dances. Everyone enjoy her performance. Virat joins the dance. Family members also join the dance. After the song is over, Virat draws Mehendi on Heer’s hand. Harak tells Preeto that even after knowing truth, Virat loves Heer a lot. Preeto agrees with him.

Heer says she has to get her husband name on hand, but he can’t write it, she will get some others to write it. He asks why anyone and calls Bhabhi, he will close his eyes and she has to hold his hand and draw mehendi. Bhabhi feels their love is one of the most beautiful relations in the world. She prays no obstacle should come in their life. Outside Soham sees a truck of gifts, he feels this is right time and gets into one of the big boxes.

Preeto, Harak look worried seeing boxes, he asks what is the need of so many gifts. Baksh says this is Virat’s love marriage, everything has to be grand. Bhabhi gives water pot to Mahi and tells to bath Heer with this tomorrow morning. Soham sees it and feels even after Shuddhikaran, kinnar will remain kinnar. He will reveal the truth to Heer today.

 Parmeet says they will leave now as rituals are completed. Virat says rituals are over but not celebrations. He dances with Heer. Raavi also dances. Baksh joins the dance. Sindhu dances and Heer consoles emotional Preeto. Harak Singh dances with Preeto. Rohan and Simran dance. Parmeet and Shanoo dance. Soon everyone groove to the beats of song.

Soham silently moves the box to a room. Parmeet says she didn’t think it would become such a party, they will leave now to come with baraat tomorrow. Marriage is day time and lots of work is left. Bhabhi tells Heer to try the Sarees they sent and see if she likes or not. Virat tells Heer she will become his wife from fiancee in one night. They leave.

Sindhu asks Raavi to wear pink saree tomorrow and not red. Soham waits for them to leave and goes to Heer’s room. He sees the room dark and tells Heer, she is kinnar, Rohan sat in Heer’s place putting Saree. He slaps Soham and lights are on. Rohan saw the moving box after dance. Rohan says he knows he will surely come back to stop the marriage. He asks Soham he vowed to protect Heer all life and now wants to ruin her life, why.

¬†Soham says he can’t let kinnar marriage happen. Family members come and Rohan, Soham fight. Rohan says he said Virat to take Heer out and sent Sindhu, Raavi bua to divert his attention, they all are Heer warriors and won’t let him come near her. They call police and get Soham arrested. Preeto says they don’t have any enemity with him but if anyone comes in Heer’s way, they have to remove the person.