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The episode starts with Saumya playing with the baby and she hides. Preeto catches her and teases her saying she can’t use this trick to fool her. Saumya and Preeto spend time with the child and they make the baby wear clothes. Virat comes to call Preeto and Saumya. He says Police has arrived.

Saumya and Preeto meet the inspector and Preeto asks the formalities are done for the adoption then why they came here. Inspector says they found the child’s real family. Now they should give the child to her own family. Saumya says how’s that possible. Her father tried to bury her, how can they give the child back to him. Inspector says they got to learn the whole story as they caught the baby’s father. Grandparents of the baby want her back. Angel and one old man enter the house. Angel covers her face so that noone can recognise her.

Angel starts her drama in front of Saumya that her son ran away with the baby without their knowledge and then tried to bury her. Later he told them everything how Saumya and Preeto saved the child. Saumya asks her how did she know where is the baby. Angel adds she went to police station to file missing complaint for her grandchild but they locked her son and took them to Saumya’s house. Angel cries and tells she needs the baby back, she doesn’t care about her identity.

.She accepts her the way she is. She is sorry for her son’s evil act. She pleads Saumya to give her the child. Saumya goes towards Angel to see her face but the latter goes to inspector and pleads before him to get the baby. She says she can’t live without the child. Inspector tells Saumya to understand her situation and the baby belongs to them. Preeto says she can’t let that happen. She will adopt the child anyhow. She tells lawyer to give adoption papers but he says he can’t as its against law. Without the consent of the baby’s family she can’t forcibly adopt the kid. Harak tries to convince Preeto saying she should not be adamant as the baby’s grandparents are waiting to get their baby back. But Preeto says Heer came back to her and she won’t give the child to anyone. She goes to her room.

Preeto holds the baby in her arms and says she won’t let her go. Saumya tells her to open the door but Preeto says she won’t as Saumya has come to take the child from her. Saumya says Preeto should act like a child. She will talk to her regarding something important. Preeto opens the door and Saumya tells her to understand the situation as the truth is the baby is not Heer and they are not her family. Preeto recalls Heer’s moments and gets heartbroken.

Episode ends