Today’s episode starts with Soham. He goes to Preeto’s room and tries to open her cupboard. He finds it lock and seeks help from Shanno. Shanno tells Soham she will help him tonight for finding the papers.

Sindhu and Preeto promotes the colors tv new show ‘Shubhaaram’. Other side, Gayatri, Maninder and Bebe decorates room for Reet. At midnight, Heer silently walks out from the room. There, Soham tries to wake up but Rohan in sleep stops him. Soham somehow manages to go out from the room. Heer jumps out from the window.

Afterwards, Reet celebrates her birthday. Doorbell rings and Maninder opens the door. Mallika stands shocked seeing Maninder. Reet gets happy seeing Heer and no sooner she stepped inside the house- Saumya and Heer feels each other’s presence.

Gayatri ask Heer how she is here. Heer tells to Gayatri that Reet is her good friend thus she wanted to attend her birthday. She gives gift to Reet. Ahead, Heer gives gracious gift for Reet’s aunty. She asks her to give it to her aunty. Gayatri, Maninder worries for Saumya and thinks to stop Heer. Saumya gets restless and opens her eye. Heer about to step inside Saumya’s room but Maninder stops her. Gayatri comes to Heer and ask her to give her gracious gift she will give, as she can’t go inside patient’s room.

Heer gets upset. Mainder goes to Saumya and talks with her and ask her to get well soon. He cries and asks Saumya if she wants to meet Heer. He says he would have made her meet Heer but for her safety he can’t take risk. Maninder kisses Saumya’s forehead and ask her to wake up. Later, Reet celebrates her birthday. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Reet, Heer and other enjoys the party and dances. Saumya suffocates and open her eyes and falls down from bed. Gayarti, Heer and others stands shocked.