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Rohan cries saying Soham didn’t leave him any choice, one brother got another brother arrested. Harak consoles him.

Heer and Virat are walking on the road, she asks what if anyone sees them like this, they shouldn’t be meeting like this before wedding. Virat says he is meeting his girlfriend for the last time. She asks why last time, he says its because she will become his wife tomorrow. She says wow, they are boyfriend, girlfriend now. She says love will decrease after marriage, he assures he will love her even more after marriage, he knows he troubled her a lot in past, but he will give her happiness of all world from now, any problem has to face him before touching her.

Preeto goes to kinnar’s place and asks Malika to bless Heer. All family members including her agreed for Heer’s marriage. She is asking a kinnar to bless another kinnar so that Heer life won’t become like Soumya’s.

Virat gets ready as bride groom and comes down, family members praise him and his mother puts a black dot to waive off evil eyes.

Raavi and Sindhu are helping Heer getting ready as bride. Mahi joins them, Heer says Sasural is like a temple, she will behave good there and make everyone happy. She will pray well for everyone’s happiness. Preeto hears all this and feels emotional. Mahi asks Heer if Soumya taught her all this. Heer asks how does she know it. Mahi says only Soumya can have such good thinking. She says she didn’t do anything as mother till now, she tells Heer to treat Sasural as her own home, then they will also treat her as own just like Mahi is loved in this house.

Preeto looks sad and Harak asks what happened. She asks if Heer dreams about her Sasural will come true. She will do everything possible to make Heer wishes come true.

Baarat comes and Raavi tells Heer, only few minutes more to meet her Virat. She and Sindhu go to welcome Baarat. Rohan teases Heer and they reminisce childhood moment when Soumya made Heer ready as bride.

Parmeet calls Heer from backside and she turns towards mummy ji. Parmeet gets shocked seeing Heer and says her daughter-in-law can’t be kinnar, Heer asks what, No. Parmeet makes her look in mirror and Heer sees big bindi on her face. Heer says Virat loves her a lot, Parmeet says he has gone mad, she can’t ruin their reputation and pours kerosene on Heer and burns her. All this is Malika’s dream, she says no this can’t happen, Virat may love her a lot but can’t change her identity. She has to stop marriage.

Preeto asks Mahi to do Aarti of Virat, Mahi says she gave birth to Heer but Preeto raised Heer like mother and asks her to do Aarti. Preeto hugs Mahi emotionally. Outside, kinnars come and ask Baksh for nek. Virat gives gold but she says she won’t take money from him, she wants a promise that he will always keep Heer happy. He promises. Malika comes running to stop marriage.