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The episode starts with Jharana enters Virat’s room and sees that there is no one in the room. But still Jharana searches here and there as she thinks Heer is in the room. But when she can’t find Heer she leaves the room. While Heer is hidden behind the curtain and comes out as soon as Jharana leaves.

 She tells unconscious Virat that she will never come between him and Jharana and gets emotional. The next morning, Virat regains consciousness. Everyone is happy to see him and Virat is happy to see Heer. The doctor asks Virat how he is feeling. Virat says he is feeling good. He adds that now everything will be good too.

 While Jharana says now what will happen good as their marriage has already been postponed. She is talking further but Parmeet tells her to calm down and advises that she can talk with Virat later as he is already ill and needs rest. She then looks at Heer and says that if Heer is now convinced that Virat has been cured, she should leave.

Preeto smiles and before leaving says that God should heal Virat and his families mind too and go away from there. Virat tells the nurse to call Heer. The nurse informs him that there is no one outside and everyone is gone.

 Virat says she cannot go and if she is gone, she will come back with a card and flower. Then Heer enters the room. Virat smiles. Heer gives him flowers and cards. Virat tells Heer that he was toasting when he had an accident and he believes heads must have come. He asks her to check the coin. Heer goes to the accident site and notices the coin. And finds that only heads came and gets shocked.

Gurminder comes there and tells her whether she is confident in God’s decision now. She adds whether she believes that God, Virat and she herself wants the same. Heer says she doesn’t want anything like this. And asks her to return the coin to Virat. Jharana is also there and hears everything and says that she will marry Virat at any cost.


Jharana goes and tells this thing to the family members of Virat and says that they will have to do something soon. Then they go to Heer’s house. They tell Heer that they wants Virat to make Virat marry Jharana after 3 days, in which they need Heer’s help. Heer says what kind of help.

Parmeet says she should pretend to be in love with Virat for 3 days. Heer disagrees and says that she can’t cheat Virat like this. They tries to convince Heer but Heer doesn’t believe. And they leaves.


Further, Virat asks for the nurse’s help to meet Heer. The nurse says how she can help. Virat tells her the plan. While Heer is talking to Soumya and tells how Virat has come to know the importance of love but, it is late now. Then some letters come from her window and fall in her room, which Virat is throwing with the help of a boy. And in the letter it says I love you. Heer is taken aback. Episode end.