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The episode starts with Balwindar pleading Raavi to forgive him. Raavi gets ready to give him a second chance. She adds but I won’t forgive you for what you did with me and my son. Balwindar hugs Raavi and says he won’t give her scope to complaint about him now.

Virat gets romantic with Heer. Heer says she wants to sleep but Virat teases her. They both play with the bedsheet. Virat is about to kiss her but Heer pushes him. She also falls on him. Virat says he forgets all his worries when he sees Heer’s smiling face. He kisses on her forehead. Heer gets up and teases him saying she will tell him later she loves him or not. Virat gets close to her and says nowadays you are teasing me frequently. He gets Guru’s call. Guru asks Virat where was he and why he didn’t call him. Virat lies to him that he was with his girlfriend. Guru says you never told you have a girlfriend. Heer enjoys watching the scene. Virat says now that Guru is his friend so he is revealing his secret. Virat cuts the call. Heer and Virat continue their romance. Heer asks what was Guru talking about. Virat recalls Guru’s words and tells Heer she should stay away from Guru as he likes her and wants to confess his feelings. Heer finds Virat cute and laughs at him. She says she can never think of anyone else except Virat so he should not be jealous. Virat says he is just concerned about her. Things should not go out of control. Heer says nothing will happen don’t worry. They hug each other.

Harman blindfolds Saumya and gives her kulfi. Saumya gets happy and later she gets lost in thoughts. Harman says Saumya should not think about Balwindar much. Harman assures Saumya that he will handle everything and Raavi won’t suffer again. Virat and Heer go to college and there some students are fighting with each other. Guru tries to stop them and Virat also attempts to stop the fight but one of them throws something at Heer. Heer gets hurt and Virat asks her is she fine?later he loses his cool and beats the guy angrily. He says in heat of the moment how can you hurt my wife Heer. Guru hears that and gets shocked. Virat again shows concern to Heer and Guru looks at them.

Saumya gives kerchief to Harman and Balwindar stops Harman from leaving. He says he wants to work in Harman’s factory. Because of his crime noone is offering him job so he has no other choics. Raavi says to Balwindar you have to win the trust of family members. Else Harman cant trust you again and he is right in his place. Harman gets ready to give work to Balwindar. Saumya tells him I hope you won’t break our trust.

Guru asks Virat is Heer your wife? Virat says yes we are husband and wife. Heer explains to Guru that they hid about their marital status to avoid the distraction. They wanted to tell the truth to Guru today but it came out like this. They had no idea. Guru asks when he shared about his feelings to Virat why he stayed quiet. Guru says he is feeling awkward thinking he liked his friend’s wife. Virat tells him not to feel guilty. Heer also says liking someone is not crime. The moment they got to know Guru likes Heer they decided to uncover the truth. Heer shows her mangalsutra to Guru which Virat tied with her hand. Virat makes Heer wear the mangalsutra. Virat and Heer request Guru to forgive them. Guru stays quiet.