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Episode starts with Mahi suspecting Saumya. She says what if Saumya is in some kind of danger. Preeto takes everyone outside along with Harman to find Saumya. Mahi doesnt leave the room. She turns back. Saumya thinks everyone is gone means she can come out of the cupboard. She opens the cupboard but gets shocked seeing Mahi. She again hides. Mahi goes towards window. She says there’s something fishy between Harman and Saumya. Saumya ran away through the window but she can’t run all the time. Saumya gets to know about Mahi’s true intentions. Mahi decides to expose Saumya and Harman. Saumya comes out after Mahi leaves. Saumya thinks she has to cover up the matter, she can’t let Mahi create any scene.

Everyone tells Preeto that Saumya is nowhere to be found. Preeto gets worried and shouts Saumya. Saumya comes downstairs from terrace. She lies that she went to take the dried mango pieces. She forgot to bring before that’s why she went there at night. Preeto scolds Saumya for being careless. Preeto says we were searching you in whole house, and you suddenly disappeared. Preeto then shouts at Mahi for not doing any household work. She says Saumya has to handle everything. Mahi is too lazy. Harak tells Harman to go outside to talk to the security guard. Mahi gets annoyed and afterwards she stops Saumya and tells her angrily how many times do I have to tolerate humiliation because of you. Saumya stays quiet and thinks she has to close Harman’s chapter soon.

Rohan visits Virat’s house and hesitates to enter. Virat welcomes him and Simran gets emotional looking at Rohan. Rohan gets on one knee and offers rose to Simran. He apologises to her for the mistake. Simran forgives her. Rohan says he won’t misbehave with her again. He wants to prove himself a good father. Rohan kisses Simran’s forehead. Suddenly Nayan comes to take her lehenga. Virat gets shocked and takes her with him outside. Rohan feels strange.

Preeto tells Raavi and Mahi to bring mangoes to prepare the pickle. Harman comes and asks what are they doing? Preeto shares past memories saying my son Harman used to like mango pickle a lot. He used to eat it secretly. His daughter Heer is also pickle lover. Preeto misses Heer and gets emotional. Harman accompanies her and says he wants to eat raw mangoes. He says he loves raw mangoes with salt and pepper. It reminds Preeto of Harman. She looks at him. Harman says he is helping her to eat the pickle. Mahi says for how long will Harman stay here? As pickle will be made after seven days. Harman says then I’ll stay for seven days. Preeto asks Harman about his family and about his mother. Harman stays quiet.

Virat tells Nayan to go for shopping. He lies that Rohan is his college friend. Nayan leaves. Rohan confronts Virat saying who is that girl and whats going on? Why Virat lied that Rohan is his college friend. Virat tries to diver his mind but Rohan says you don’t consider me the part of your family that’s why you are hiding things from me. Parmeet comes and says you want to hear truth? Virat tries to stop Parmeet but Parmeet says Heer and Virat parted ways and Virat is going to marry Nayan. That’s his fiance. Rohan gets shocked to know that.

The Episode ends