The episode starts with Virat and Heer apologising to Guru. They say the won’t repeat the mistake again. Guru forgives them and accepts them as friends again. Harman shows Balwindar’s desk to him and tells him not to break family’s trust again. Harman leaves Balwindar sits on chair and starts relaxing by keeping his legs on the desk. He smirks. Gurwindar and Daljeet make all the arrangements for the anniversary party. Daljeet asks Gurwindar did she order the anniversary cake? Gurwindar says she completely forgot.

Daljeet shouts at her in front of servants and says he gave her one important work and she failed to do it. She is good for nothing. Geetu also notices that. Gurwindar gets upset. Heer and Virat enter the house after buying some stuffs from the market. Heer tells Gurwindar they bought everything what she wrote in the list. Gurwindar hides the matter and says Daljeet is handling everything well. Gurwindar thinks Daljeet is her husband, he has the right to scold her. Daljeet says he sent Parmeet and Sant to spa for relaxation. Virat gets happy and says he is so happy to see his family back again.

Saumya brings lunch in Harman’s factory and Balwindar says he can’t eat with them as he is just a worker here and they are his boss. He leaves Harman’s cabin and thinks he is just looking for a chance to take advantage. Heer gifts a dress to Geetu and the latter gets excited seeing that. She likes the dress and looks into the mirror. Heer tells her to wear the dress in the party. She adds she is going to buy cake with Virat and Geetu says she will finish all the preparations. Geetu says she has matching jewelries too wear with the dress.

Balwindar calls Raavi and asks what is she having for lunch. Raavi says what Saumya brought for him and Harman she will eat the same. Balwindar tries to instigate Raavi against Saumya. He says Saumya didn’t even ask him about the lunch, Harman is also behaving like he doesn’t know him. Balwindar acts like it’s all his fault that’s why he is being treated this way.

Raavi says Saumya is not that kind of a person who will ignore someone. They didn’t want to treat Balwindar like special worker that’s why they didn’t ask him to eat. Raavi tells Balwindar to focus on his work instead of analysing others’ behaviour towards him. She cuts the call and Balwindar thinks its not that easy to break Saumya and Raavi’s bond. He has to make another plan.

Geetu talks to Heer over phone. Geetu says she finished all the decorations but she forgot to put the flowers in the vase. While talking Geetu goes to store room and tells Heer to come back as soon as possible because she is alone in the house. Heer says she is coming back with Virat. Geetu keeps the phone aside and sees the vases. Someone follows her and enters the store room. Geetu drops the vase and starts screaming seeing that person and Heer gets shocked to hear her scream. Heer tells Virat what happened and they rush to see Geetu.

Virat asks Heer where was Geetu when she was talking. Heer says in store room. They run towards store room and finds Geetu is messy condition. She cries continuously. Heer gets scared and asks Geetu who did this to her. She covers Geetu’s body with cloth. Virat gives Geetu water and asks how it happened. Geetu reveals Daljeet harassed her. FB is shown where Daljeet sneaked into store room and molested Geetu. FB ends. Heer consoles her. Virat and Heer feel disgusted hearing all of that.

Parmeet gets surprised seeing all the decorations. Daljeet says he always thought of celebrating occasions with his family in jail so he can’t miss the chance now. Parmeet hugs him and blesses him for putting all the efforts. Heer and Virat come along with Geetu. Parmeet asks Heer what is this.

Episode ends