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Heer says Simran is very vulnerable now, they need to support her, she doesn’t want to abort baby, it should be Simran’s decision. Baksh tells Virat to stop his wife, they will take this house decisions, not her. Virat says Heer is right. Parmeet tells Heer to leave Simran’s hand. Tejinder says they have to push away hand in this situation and pushes Heer. V

irat says Heer and Simran are not abla naari to get weak by pushing. Parmeet says she was slowly accepting Heer as good girl but Heer is not worth of becoming bahu. She scolds Heer for making fun of rituals, Puja. She says her relation with Heer ended today. She tells family members not to talk to Heer. She tells Gurwinder to feed dogs the sweets, fruits bought for Heer.


Tejinder calls Shanno, but Preeto lifts the phone. Tejinder says she revealed Heer pregnancy truth, Parmeet slapped Heer. She called to share this good news and ends the call.


Virat asks Heer what’s result of lying, she became bad infront of family. Simran recalls everything and feels Heer faced so much trouble for her. She feels baby is part of her, symbol of her love, how can she kill the baby. She thinks to end her life and hangs herself tying cloth around fan. Family members come there and save her, Heer pours water on her and Simran gets conscious.

They feel relieved. Parmeet again drags Simran to go to hospital for abortion. Heer tries to stop them but Tejinder holds her. Heer frees herself seeing house temple. Parmeet says she won’t let Simran become unmarried mother.

 Heer asks for 24 hours time, she will get Simran married. She put rice in kalash and placed in temple as ritual, she promised to do Simran’s marriage. She asks Simran to trust her, he is a good man. Tejinder scolds her she doesn’t know how to make matar paneer, how will she do marriage. Parmeet gives 1 day time to Heer. She tells Simran to stay with her full time. Virat says he will be with Simran.


Preeto tells Harak to open door hearing dhol sound. Heer comes with Shagun. She asks Rohan to marry her nanand.