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Harak asks Preeto what is she doing, she reminds him of his promise, he won’t go against her if she agreed for marriage. Parmeet asks what stupidity is this, does she  want money to let the pheras complete. Baksh says he didn’t think they are so money minded. Preeto says she doesn’t need money. Heer tells Preeto its not always possible that everyone obey her words. She tells Virat to complete the pheras.

Virat asks Preeto what are her conditions, he knows she won’t ask for money. Preeto says her first condition is Heer should be treated as daughter in Sasural. Baksh asks if she stopped pheras for saying this. Gurwinder thinks Preeto aunty did right by asking this, otherwise their in laws will mistreat Heer like her.

Virat agrees for the condition. Preeto tells her second condition is their love has to remain same after marriage, they have to give each other 10 marks. Heer asks her to stop it, she gives Virat 20 marks for 10. Preeto says she is talking about after marriage scenario. Raavi thinks Preeto is asking all these for Heer’s safety, Virat won’t give 10 marks unless Heer is fully happy.

Parmeet says she didn’t see such a bad woman like Preeto in her life, otherwise who will do like this with her own grand daughter. Harak remembers Preeto saying she has to become bad for the sake of Heer. Preeto says her third condition is Heer doing job.

Baksh asks why is she insulting them, he and Parmeet leave the mandap. Heer cries, she remembers her dreams of becoming bride, Preeto always kept her away from friends, internet, she prevented her from attending functions. Finally she got happiness in form of love and Preeto is trying to ruin it.

They won’t buy any vows. Virat tries to make Heer understand, they will buy their pheras even 100 times. He will fulfill all vows and conditions. He ties gathbandan, their relation is so strong. Priest says this wedding is not complete as pheras are stopped in between, Virat says he promised to make Heer family as his, her Dadi asked something, he will give it.

Virat asks why they are sad, he tells them to prepare for vidaai, Heer says she has a condition, Preeto shouldn’t come to her vidaai. Virat asks what is she doing, Heer says everyone has to agree on her condition.


Baksh shouts loudly in their house, they faced only insults ever since relation with that family started. He beared all because of Virat. Parmeet says enough is enough, till now Preeto words worked, from now her words will. She will handle Heer after coming here. Heer emotionally hugs family members remembering her moments with them.

She tells Preeto, whenever she dreamt of marriage, she thought of crying for her during vidaai, but she never thought she will cry because of her. Virat and Heer leave. Rohan hugs Virat and asks him to take care of Heer. Virat assures him. Preeto falls down and cries. Heer also misses Preeto. Meher video calls Virat, she pacifies Heer and wishes all the best to their married life.