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The episode starts with Virat throw mud on Heer’s face.  Heer’s brothers come there and ask how it happened.  Heer says that she throw stone on mud and the mud falls on her.  Heer thinks of taking revenge.  She cleans her mouth and then Soham calls her as they have to go for shopping.


 The same time Jharana and Virat come to Virat’s house.  Sant calls them to eat food.  Jharana says she likes to eat with everyone.  Virat sees the pulaw at the dinner table and remembers that Heer loves pulaw very much.  And he throws the plate of food .  And goes from there. Everyone is shocked.


 While Daljit comes and tells that he has brought all the goods from the market.  Virat goes to his room and says in anger that he hates Heer and he also hate the things that Heer likes. 


Otherside, Heer and his brother also finish their shopping and come home.  Preeto calls them to eat and says that today she made Heer’s favorite pulaw.  Heer says she is tired and will eat later.  After this, she goes to the room.  Soham also goes after her.  Preeto asks Rohan about Heer.  Rohan tells that her mood is not good since morning.


 Heer is in her room and remembers Virat and her romantic moments.  Heer asks why Virat did this.  Heer says she hates Virat.  And he is a devil hiding behind a naïve face.


 On the other side Virat drop Jharana at her house.  Jharana hugs him, Virat misses Heer and he ask Jharana to leave him.  Nuttan is watching them.  Later, when Virat is leaving from there, Nuttan stops him and says that he still loves Heer.  And that’s why he threw Jharana away.  Virat calls Jharana to prove that there is no place for heer in his heart.  And hugs her in front of Nuttan.  This make Jharana happy.  Nutan laughs at both of them. 


In the morning Preeto enters Heer’s room and sees everything is scattered.  Heer had scattered all the things in the night.  Shano also comes to the room and says that Heer is very sad and they should tell Heer her truth.  Shano says they will fight for Heer.  Preeto says that she only wants to see Heer ruined.  Preeto tells her to shut up.  And asks her to clean the room.  Preeto ask Heer to wakeup and suggests her to get ready soon as it is Rakhi festival and her brothers are waiting for her.  Heer wakes up and says good morning to Preeto.  Heer then sees her messy room.  And made an excuse in front of Preeto so that Preeto does not feel that she is sad.  Later Heer gets ready and goes to the courtyard and waits for her brothers.