Today’s episode opens with Vedant asking Tarana did Harman liked the shirt or not. Tarana lied to him. Vedant thinks now he will throw Harman from his and her life. Vedant dreams of dancing with Saumya romantically on udi udi song. Tarana brings medicine for Vedant.

Vedant says he wants to stand up on his feet can she help him. Tarana helps Vedant. He sees Harman coming and hugs her. Harman sees the duo standing from far. Vedant asks to bring water for him. Harman comes in the kitchen and says instead of working she is taking pleasure. Saumya says what rubbish he is speaking. Harman holds her hand and says don’t teach him the behavior. He says Vedant is getting close to her, touching her can’t she see. Saumya gets angry and says Vedant can’t walk thus he just try to balance holding her. Harman says if you say for once that his intensions are wrong then he will kill Vedant here but he knows she will keep her words. Saumya gets angry. Harman says if she too likes him she can tell him.

Saumya says she can’t make him understand. He holds her hand. Vedant comes from behind and says did Tarana did anything wrong with him. Harman goes away. Tarana gives water to Vedant and goes. Vedant talks to himself and calls to someone and says their plan is working.

Shanno asks to Harman why he came back/ Harman says Saumya started liking Vedant thus she is working there. Everyone looks at him. Raavi defends Saumya and Preeto interrupts them. She fills Harman’s mind wrongly. Raavi tries to make Harman understand but he leaves. Sindhu accusses Saumya. The duo fights.

Vedant asks Tarana to stay at his house overnight to sort out the toys. Mr. Bansal says this is not her work but Vedant asks Tarana to stay. She gets ready to help him. Vedant gets happy.

Harman thinks of Vedant and Saumya’s moment and gets restless. Vedant and Tarana works in the factory. He makes her video. Vedant praises her and she looks at him. Vedant plays music and talks to her. He calls Harman and asks him about some file. He intentionally calls Tarana and asks her to bring milk for him. Vedant apologizes to Harman for calling this late and asks him to sleep.

Tarana’s phone ring. Vedant asks who is calling. She receives the call. Harman asks where she is and yells at her. Saumya gets upset. Harak ask Harman why he is not sleeping. Harman cries and says Saumya badly ditched him. Harak, Preeto and everyone looks at him.

Saumya comes back home and thinks of Harman’s word. Mallika comes and talks with her. Saumya tells her everything. Saaya tries to make her understand that she needs to talk with him. Kareena overhears their talk. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Harman asks Saumya she took whole night to find a file. Saumya tries to clarify his misunderstanding but Vedant interrupts them. Later, Harman congratulates Saumya by saying she will be the owner of Vedant’s house soon. Saumya looks at him surprisingly. Harman goes away.