Today’s episode opens with mallika talking to Saumya and making her understanding to clear the misunderstanding with Harman. Kareena calls to Preeto and tells her about Mallika and Saumya talks. Preeto thinks of something.

Kareena tries to wake up Saumya. Mallika stops her. Saumya wakes up and says she will go for work little late today. Kareena asks what work she does whole night. Mallika gets angry on her and asks her to leave. She says to Saumya to go talk with Harman today.

Harak and Harman come to Vedant’s place. Vedant to make Harman jealous says he with the help of Tarana was finding the file whole night. Harman looks at him. Mr. Bansal greets then and asks for Tarana. Vedant says she will come late today. Vedant praises Tarana to make Harman jealous.

Raavi comes to talk with Mallika and shares her worry with her. They discuss to bring Haya close like before. Sindhu interrupts their talk and taunts Saumya. The trio thinks of a plan to bring them closer.

Harman gets furious and vents his frustration. He says to Harak that how rude Saumya has become. Harak asks her to control his anger.

Harman sees Saumya and goes to meet her. He questions Saumya about last night. She tries to make him understand but Harman blames her. The duo talks to each other Saumya gets angry on Harman and asks him to let her go. Vedant interrupts and says what clarification he is asking from Tarana. Harman makes an excuse. Vedant leaves the place.

Harman taunts Saumya and leaves the place. Saumya says the misunderstanding between them has grown so much that he is not ready to listen to her.

Some saint comes at Harak house. Preeto asks Shanno whom she has called. Saint praises his deed. Shanno says the Saint is expert in breaking the relation. Preeto says she don’t believe in all these. Shanno fills Preeto’s mind and she gets ready to take his help. Raavi claps and taunts Preeto. Saint says he is not a fake saint he has power. Raavi and Preeto do argument.

Sindhu asks Saint to leave from the house. She scares Saint and he runs away from there. Raavi challenges Preeto and says she can do anything to separate HAYA and otherside she will try to bring them close. She says let’s see who will win.

Tarana cleans Vedant’s room. Vedant asks didn’t she ever thought to get married. She says she never thought of getting married. Saumya thinks of the flashback and says not everyone gets everything in life. vedant asks her to play a game. He sings a song for her. Tarana enjoys seeing him. Harman, Harak comes at the same time and sees her. Mr. Bansal praises Tarana for changing Vedant’s life.

Vedant calls Harman to play game with him. Everyone sits and plays the song. Mr. Bansal sings. Vedant asks Harman to sing a song. He makes an excuse and goes. Vedant asks Tarana to sing a song stop Harman from leaving, as she can only do that. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Harman gets drunk and falls. He stops everyone not to help him. Harak calls Saumya and blames her for ruining his son’s life. Saumya gets shocked.

Otherside, vedant enquires about right date for marrige from pandit. Pandit says after 3 days. Vedant says after three days Tarana will be his wife and smirks.