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The Episode starts with Saumya telling Mahi to shut her mouth. She says dont say anything for which you will regret later. Mahi gets irked. Saumya tells everything where Harman met her and what he told her. Their flashbacks are shown. Saumya says she didn’t want to see tears in Preeto and Harak’s eyes that’s why she hid the matter from everyone. Saumya says believe me I have no relation with this stranger. But if you think I did mistake by hiding Harman’s truth then I admit my mistake.

Kamini meets his son Arjun. Parmeet tells her to not overreact as Arjun is her son. Simran gets shocked seeing her ex boyfriend Arjun. Saumya is about to leave but Harman stops her saying Gulabo. Saumya says angrily how many times do I have to tell you don’t call me Gulabo. Harman tells Harak at least you believe me. I stayed far from you all but not anymore. I missed you all so much. Harak slaps Harman and says you played with our emotions. We trusted you, called you our son but you deceived us. Preeto lashes out at Harman saying we said you are like our son but not my real son. We had only one son who died. Preeto pushes Harman and shouts at him. She says just get out. Harak gets hyper and tells Harman to leave the house. Harman gets heartbroken. Harak falls sick suddenly after shouting. Preeto and Saumya give Harak water. Preeto tells Harman to leave. Harman tries to see Harak but Preeto further says you want to kill my husband? Harak again shouts leave this place right now. He coughs. Harman says okay I am leaving. He leaves upset.

Virat gets mad at Arjun and starts beating him. Nayan asks why Virat is beating my brother? Parmeet tells Kamini that your son left my daughter that too when she is pregnant. Virat is doing the right thing. Simran gets furious. Nayan tells Kamini their plan will flop now. Arjun already betrayed Virat’s family. Kamini tells she can’t lose this chance she will change the gameplan. Kamini starts her drama and stops Virat from beating Arjun. Then she beats Arjun with a stick saying how can you do this to my friend’s daughter. Arjun gets on one knee and apologises to his mother and tells her please give me one chance. Arjun then says sorry to Simran also. He says destiny brought me here so that I can ask for forgiveness from you. He cries. Simran tells him don’t touch me.

Harman enters his room and packs the luggage. He gets upset recalling how Preeto and Harak refused to accept him. Harman recalls how he met Saumya. Harman gets emotional and goes outside. Harman comes to Preeto but Preeto moves aside. Harman is about to touch Harak’s foot but Harak gets up and turns back. Harman gets disheartened. Saumya stands there quietly.

The Episode ends