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Parmeet tells Heer they are not like all saas-bahu, why does she forget her marriage is incomplete, so rituals will also be incomplete. Virat says this is unfair, Parmeet says if he didn’t agree to his Sasural conditions, his wife wouldn’t suffer like this.

Heer video calls Preeto, Preeto asks why she is crying. Heer asks what did she achieve by putting those conditions. Her mother-in-law won’t make Sargi for her. Her first karwachaut will remain incomplete. Preeto reminds her its not first, she already did karwachaut vrat for Virat last year, she can do it again after fulfilling conditions. Heer asks how will she feel if someone says not to fast for Harak singh. Parmeet listens to their talk and enjoys seeing Heer cry, she enjoyed troubling Heer on first day.

Virat requests Parmeet to make sargi for Heer. Heer comes there and says she wants to talk to mummy ji privately, she asks Virat to leave. Heer says she won’t fast for Virat if she won’t make sargi for her, if she wishes that her son’s wife won’t fast for his long life. Parmeet calls Gurwinder and tells to video call Preeto.

Preeto answers call, Parmeet says she will make sargi for Heer on a condition. She takes out gun, being wife and mother of police officers, she is familiar with gun. She asks Heer to shoot herself on shoulder, 3 pheras were left incomplete, so she will count three and Heer has to shoot herself. Preeto asks Parmeet if she has gone mad. Harak and family tell Heer not to do anything such. Gurwinder also tells Heer not to shoot. Preeto asks if there’s no one at house and calls for Virat.

In the hall, Virat wonders what is taking so long for Heer, he will go and check. His brother stops him, Baksh jokes that his mother won’t shoot Heer.

Parmeet starts counting, Heer shoots herself and falls down, Preeto family get tensed, Heer is fine as there are no bullets in gun. Parmeet says she removed them. She congratulates Heer for winning, she will make sargi. She warns them not to tell this to anyone including Virat, matter shouldn’t go out of the room. The call ends and Preeto says she will tell it to Virat, but Harak stops her.

Virat says finally Heer convinced his mother, he side hugs her. Night, Parmeet serves sargi to Heer, Gurwinder. Virat comes and says the food is looking yummy, he takes Heer’s plate but she stops him from eating as saas makes it for bahu with love. Heer eats pakoda and her expression changes, Parmeet thinks she mixed stones in pakoda.

Heer removes stone and hides it. Virat asks why she is eating slowly, he again tries to take pakoda, but Heer stops him saying he can’t eat it. Later, Heer shows stones and thanks Parmeet for making sargi. She doesn’t have any complaints as these stones are in her life because of Preeto.