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Episode starts with Harman taking blessings from Preeto and Harak. They don’t give him importance. He leaves upset. Harak asks Saumya why did you hide such a big thing? Saumya says you all are going through so much pain right now, I didn’t want to remind you of that horrifying incident of Harman ji’s death. You all started living happily again, how could I ruin your happiness by telling that stranger’s lie. Mahi taunts Saumya saying such a drama queen you are. You are such a liar. Preeto stops Mahi saying stop blaming Saumya. Mahi says to Preeto just think how that Harman got so much information about family? It means Saumya told him about us. Use your brain this Saumya is a cheater. Harman shuts Mahi up.

Arjun tells Kamini please give me one chance, I changed myself wholly. I don’t commit crime like before. Nayan slaps Arjun and says forget about us, you betrayed Simran and ruined her life. Simran is pregnant. Arjun gets surprised and asks Simran is it true? Virat stops him. Simran says its my child only. Arjun says I want to cry holding my child. Please allow me.Virat says I am quiet because of Kamini else I would have killed you. He tells Arjun to leave.

Harman tells Mahi to not badmouth Saumya. Harman tells Mahi, Saumya always lived for others. Not like you who has always been selfish. He further says you exist because of me here but this house is nothing without Saumya’s contribution. Harman again tries to talk to Harak but Saumya stops him saying what do you want to prove by taking stand for me? You think you can win my family’s trust again and can misuse their emotions? But I won’t let you do so. Just leave. Saumya holds Harman’s hand and throws him out.

Simran talks to Parmeet about her bad luck. How Arjun cheater on her and her husband also left her because of ego. Now Arjun is back again to trouble her. Simran says its the karma of mine. Heer did so much for me and she is suffering because of us. Thats why I am getting suffered as well. Simran cries. Parmeet hugs her and consoles her. She says Mahi doesn’t need to take stress. Her mother is there to handle everything. Simran won’t suffer anymore.

Saumya takes Harman outside and throws his bag at him. Saumya says I said already I don’t want to listen to your story. Now leave without talking nonsense. If you come here again I swear on Harman ji I will kill you. Saumya starts walking and Harman finds an electric wire hanging above Saumya. Which is charged. Harman notices it and rushes to save Saumya. He shouts Gulabo and pushes her. But he gets electric shock and is rendered unconscious. Saumya is left shocked and picks up a stick. She hits the wire and thinks how Harman risked his life to save her. She recalls everything. Their flashbacks are shown. Saumya thinks there’s only one person who can sacrifice his life for me. That’s Harman Ji. Saumya realises that the latter is Harman ji not an imposter. She tries to wake him up.

The Episode ends