Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 7th June 2020 Written Update on Justshowbiz.Net

Virat and Heer takes a big step

Today’s episode starts with Virat who sold his gold chain so that he can buy some things for fasting of Heer. On the other side Virat’s brother tells his father that, though we sack Virat but because of his wrong doings our reputation gets damaged. Shant says that do something and put Virat in jail. While Virat call Shant and tells him to come at Heer’s place, if he wants to see him for one last time and ends the call. Shant don’t have any idea that what Virat is going to do next, so he thinks to call Harak but Virat’s mother stop him and ask him to do as Virat said.

Virat arrives at Heer’s house with Nuttan, so as his parents. Chachu ask Virat if he has bit of shame or not. Virat says that he came here because Heer is fasting for him. Ravi ask what fast. He tells her, karwachuth fast. Ravi ask him are you mad or what, today is not the day for Karwachuth. Preeto also tells Virat that Heer is locked in her room and she also eat food infront of her. So it means that she is not fasting for you. While Heer come and interrupted Preeto and tells her that she has really fasted for him. Preeto gets shocked to see Heer in front of her as she thought that she is in her room but she is not.

Before Preeto says another word, Heer ask Virat to break her fast. Harak is trying to stop Virat but a woman comes and ask Harak that he can’t do it. Because it is unfair to stop a married woman to open her fast. Further Virat open her fast and ask them to accept their marriage because they are lawful husband and wife. They denies to accept them and tells Virat and Heer that their blessings are not with them.

Their words hurt Heer and Virat and they opens up poison bottle and try to kill themselves. Duo drinks the poison and faints. Their parents starts shouting in pain. They call doctor to treat them. Preeto start crying and ask Heer to wakeup up. At the same time doctor arrives and ask them to first maintain the social distance as this is also very important thing in this corona situation. Then they put Heer and Virat aside and doctor suggests to first detox their body and then he will treat them in their own house as it’s not safe outside. Everyone gets agreed with it. (Episode end)

In upcoming episode of Shakti Virat’s mother wants to accept Heer as their daughter -in-law.