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Episode starts with Virat telling Arjun to leave at once. Virat is about to hit him but Parmeet stops him. Parmeet says leave him, Simran moved on and we have forgotten Arjun as well. Parmeet tells Kamini to deal with her son. As she doesn’t care what Arjun does. Kamini says whenever Virat will see Nayan she will remind him of Arjun’s betrayal. How can he be able to make Nayan happy. Parmeet assures her saying she will love Nayan like her daughter. This marriage won’t get canceled. Nayan thanks Parmeet. Simran closes the window seeing Arjun. Virat leaves.

Saumya tries to give CPR to Harman but he doesnt wake up. Saumya cries and keeps telling him to get up. She hugs Harman and Mahi notices them together from window. She feels disgusted.

Virat misses Heer and says why Heer doesnt want to understand that destiny also wants them together that’s why his wedding with Nayan was about to get canceled. Virat and Heer’s flashbacks are shown. Virat thinks of taking help from Heer to convince Rohan. He calls her but Heer doesn’t pick up. Virat gets angry and thinks why will you receive my call! we got separated na. He sends SMS to Heer saying you must be enjoying afte ruining Rohan and Simran’s married life. Heer reads the message and thinks Virat is not lying maybe. She calls Rohan. Rohan gets emotional hearing Heer’s voice.

Heer says I am fine, don’t worry. Rohan says how can I not worry for you. I spent my life caring for you. Rohan asks where are you? Heer says she is fine wherever she is. She can’t take her family’s support always. She needs to deal with her own problems alone. Rohan tells her you have become mature now. Heer says consequences taught me all these things. She asks are you hiding something? Rohan doesnt tell her about Saumya’s return. He thinks he should not trouble Heer as she is already dealing with her own issues. Rohan lies that everything is fine here. Call me whenever you need me. Heer cuts the call and thinks that means Virat lied to her. She won’t return back.

Saumya cries and says to Harman everytime you come and risk your life for me. Now you can’t leave me alone. Their flashbacks are shown. Saumya’s teardrop falls on Harman. Harman gains his consciousness finally. Harman says I don’t need anything. I only need your support. Saumya cries and they hug each other.

Mahi provokes Preeto and Harak against Saumya. She says to Preeto you should see Saumya’s true colors. She has no shame at all. You always blame me for everything. Preeto says what’s your problem , Saumya already threw Harman out. Mahi says I am feeling ashamed to tell you that your Saumya is hugging that stranger. She doesn’t care what people will think. Preeto and Harak get shocked and go outside to check.

Harman tells Saumya if I had known that I’ll have to sacrifice my life for you to prove my honesty I would have done it during our first meet up. Saumya tells him not to say such things. She says you need rest. Come inside. Harman says I got saved as you are with me. Saumya gives him support. They share a romantic moment together.

The Episode ends