Today’s episode opens with Saumya giving glass back to Vedant. She says to Vedant that she is leaving to meet Harman because she wants people to say that Saumya Singh died on the way to Harman Singh’s house. Vedant stands shocked.

Saumya tries to step out but Vedant comes and pushes her inside the room. Vedant says there was no poison, as he was just testing her. He says now he will stop her from meeting Harman. Saumya yells at Vedant and says she’ll say.

Rekha comes hearing their voice. Vedant makes an excuse. Rekha ask Saumya to go with Vedant for the shopping.

Preeto tells to Harman that yesterday she saw wound in Saumya’s foot. She says Vedant might have tried to stop her from meeting you. Preeto further says Saumya called her and informed that she’ll not come today, as she is going to do her wedding shopping with Vedant. Harman gets angry and goes.

Vedant sees Harman and increases the speed of his car. Saumya ask him to stop the car. Vedant didn’t listen to him. Saumya stops the car by putting hand break.

Saumya ask to Harman why he came here. Harman holds Vedant’s collar and question him for hurting Saumya. Vedant gathers the crowd. He accuses Harman in front of the crowd. People support Vedant over Harman. Saumya tries to cover up and explains to the crowd.

Harman tells to them that Vedant intentionally hurt Saumya so that she can’t come to meet him. Saumya shows the wound to all. Vedant too shows his wounds to all.

People again support Vedant. Vedant says to Harman that Saumya is now his wife accepts the fact as soon as possible. Saumya takes the blame on herself. Crowd puts question on Saumya’s character. Harman supports Saumya and takes blames on himself.

Vedant threatens Harman and ask him to stay away from Saumya. Harman looks at Saumya and goes away. Vedant laughs and ask Saumya to come for the shopping.

At Singh house everyone waits for Harman and worries. Harman comes and lashes out his family for showing fake concern for him and claps.

Harman in his room cries. Preeto comes and sees him crying. Harman cries hard and pours his heart out to Preeto. Preeto cries hugging Harman. Someone knocks at door. Preeto goes to check.

Saumya comes and everyone looks at her. Preeto informs to Harman that Saumya came.

Harman ask to Saumya why she is here. Saumya says she is here to keep her promise.

Harman ask to Saumya not to come for meeting him again and he swear on her that he’ll not touch alcohol anymore. He asks Saumya not to come for meeting him ever. Saumya stands shocked. Harman holds her hand and says he’ll drop her.

Ravi asks Harman to let Saumya rest for a while. Harman denies and goes away with Saumya.

Harman and Saumya walk together. Saumya ask Harman will he’ll keep his promise. Harman says yes. Saumya further ask will he’ll accept Mahi.

Harman says he’ll try but he’ll never address her as Gulabo. Saumya and Harman talk about Soham and about their future.

Saumya and Harman reaches Vedan’t house. Harman turns to go. Saumya and Harman cry hard and parted their way.(Episode Ends)

Precap: Vedant and Saumya’s pre-wedding celebration begins. Saumya dresses as Harman’s wife and decides to suicide.

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