Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 8th June 2020 Written Update on JustShowBiz.Net

Episode starts with everyone is tries to split Virat and Heer’s hands. While Heer comes into her Senses and shout Virat’s name. Sant brings Virat back with them. After that Virat’s mother ask that why Virat is still not come in his senses. Doctor tells them that it will take bit time. On the other side Heer ask about Virat and her Ravi bhua says that he is not okay. Heer gets scared and ask Mata Rani to help Virat. She took kapoor in her hand and praye for him. While Shano Video call Virat’s sister-in-law and tell her that how Heer is praying for him. Virat’s sister-in-law tells this to her family member and say that Heer is doing so much for Virat maybe this will bring Virat back into his senses.

And Virat really comes to his senses, this make Virat’s mother heart melt and she now want to accept Heer as their daughter -in -law. She ask Sant to accept their love otherwise Virat can try to kill himself again. Sant is not agree with it but Virat’s mother still insist him. This make Sant upset and he says, do what ever you want and he leaves the place.

Virat’s mother ask to prepare shagun thali. While at Heer’s house Preeto ask Heer to have some juice as her body is still weak but she denies it. A man who is sitting at Heer’s place suggests Harak to accept Heer and Virat’s marriage. This make Harak angry and he ask him, if the same will happened with him then what will he does. Preeto also replies that Heer is still child  and she made a mistake.

Further, Virat’s mother arrives at Heer’s house with Shagun. She hears their talks and says now is the time to correct our children’s mistake. At first Preeto does not understand her words but, then she make it clear and tells them that she now accept their love. Preeto and Harak gets shocked. Virat mother also tells Preeto about shudikaran because Heer lived her childhood with a transgender. Preeto thinks that they just want do shudikaran because of this reasons, what will happen when heer’s truth comes out in front of them. After that Virat mother and her bahu leaves Heer’s house.

Episode ends with Nuttan is celebrating Heer’s happiness with other transgenders.

In upcoming episode of Shakti Gulabo arrives at Heer’s house.