Today’s episode opens with Harman and Saumya trying to hug each other but stops.

Harman ask Saumya to take care of herself. Saumya repeats the same thing. The duo walks in the opposite direction.

(Kabhi Alviida Song Plays) Harman and Saumya cry recalling their good times. Haya turn back calling out each other name.

Harman says he can’t touch her now because she is someone else wife now. But from far they can dance for the last time. Duo does their signature dance from far and cries.

Vedant and Suamya haldi ceremony begins. Rakha applies haldi to both of them. Saumya cries. Rekha ask to Saumya is not happy. Saumya says she is happy. Everyone dances.

Harman wakes up in the morning and thinks of drinking alcohol but recalls Saumya’s word and stops. Shanno comes and ask Harman to drink alcohol.

Harman asks Shanno to come with him, as he will tell to the family how much she care of him. Shanno gets scared.

Harman tells Shanno’s story to the Singh mates. Preeto accuses Shanno. Mahi stops Preeto for hitting Shanno.

Harman taunts his family and goes. Saumya tries to escape. Vedant ask where she is going. Saumya says she is allergic to turmeric and going to wipe it.

Harman imagines Saumya everywhere in his room. He gets restless. Mahi comes and Harman ask her to talk with him because he is imaging Saumya everywhere. He asks her to divert his mind. Mahi talk with Harman.

Saumya comes inside the room, calls Preeto, and ask about Harman. Preeto tells to Saumya that he kept his promise and didn’t touched alcohol.

Saumya wipes turmeric from her body and cries. She says she doesn’t want to marry and neither can she escape because if she’ll run than Harman will find her anyhow. She decides to end her life.

Saumya dresses as Harman’s wife and wear orange color saree. She recalls her marriage and moments with Harman.

Vedant spots Saumya going upstairs. Saumya goes to the terrace and says she has promised Harman that she’ll never leave his hand but now things got changed. Saumya says sorry to Harman and step ahead to jump-off.

Vedant stops her. Saumya ask Vedant why he stopped her. Vedant says she’ll die after becoming his wife not as Harman’s bride. Saumya says she’ll see till when he will stop her. (Episode Ends)

Next Week: Mr. Bansal says to take out the decoration from the house, as there is no marriage is going to happen. Vedant puts gun on Mr. Bansal’s head and says he’ll marry Saumya in the temple. Everyone does prayer at Singh house. Mr. Bansal calls and tells Harman about Vedant and Saumya’s fake marriage. Vedant at otherside, drags Saumya to the temple forcefully.

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