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Episode starts with Sant saying Virat is dead for us. Noone will talk about him. Parmeet says I won’t let Heer snatch my son. Isha says what if Angel reveals that Heer is a kinnar. Our prestige will be ruined. Sant says she is right.

Angel gets mad at Virat in jail. Sant tells the inspector that they will release Angel and her gang. He tells him to give them warning only.

Heer sees Virat and back hugs him. Heer says a wife should be happy when her husband takes stand for her. Virat says I had no option. They forced me to do it. Heer makes him understand that his parents sacrificed a lot for him. They prayed for him. They love you. You can’t live happily without them. We only miss our loved ones when we stay apart from them. Virat holds Heer’s hand tightly and says then what they are doing to us? It seems ok to you? They are trying to separate us. Heer says husband wife’s love is not enough for a happy married life. There are other things as well.

Virat gets angry. He says you are not understanding that my family will never accept a kinnar as their daughter in law. Heer also shouts saying you didn’t even discuss with me before saying your decision? I can transform myself into woman through surgery. Then they will accept me. Virat gets shocked. Preeto and others feel Virat and Heer are arguing with each other. They hear everything standing outside.

Isha meets Angel. Angel wonders why they suddenly realesed us? Isha comes and says you came out because of me. She says Heer will not accept the fact that Virat got separated from his family. So she will do sex change operation.

Virat says have you gone mad Heer? This is risky for you. You are complete for me. Heer says its important for our happiness. Nothing will happen to me. The surgery will be successful. Virat denies. Heer says I can’t take the blame on me that you left your family because of me. Virat says just because of the you want to do it? Akshay says to Rohan that in medical science its possible. There’s no risk at all. Nowadays people are doing it fearlessly. Virat sees Akshay and says why did you brainwash Heer? Heer says its for our own good only. Destiny is giving us one chance to change our lives. Preeto convinces Virat saying Heer is dreaming of a happy married life since childhood. Don’t stop her from taking this decision.

Harak also says Virat will be there and the surgery will happen in front of him only. Nothing to get afraid of. Seeing Rohan Virat says stop Heer you love her right! Rohan says she is my sister and I don’t care whether she is a kinnar or not. But I have seen her fighting for her existence. Then if she is getting the chance to live a happy life then why are you stopping him! Virat after thinking a lot finally agrees. Everyone gets happy. He says if I get to know about any risk during surgery I will stop it immediately.

Isha explains about the surgery to Angel and her gang. Rest of the kinnars say what about the cost? We can also become women then. We don’t have to live a cursed life.

Virat takes Heer to temple. He says promise me you won’t take any step without asking me. Heer promises him that without asking him she won’t take any decision regarding surgery.