In Colors TV popular show Shakti Astitva Ke Ahesas Ki previously we have seen Virat and Shyam come to Heer’s rescue and when she refuses to hug Preeto Virat gets angry on her and he asks why is she treating her own family like this? They don’t deserve this.

Later, Virat drinks alcohol and gets into an argument with Shyam regarding Heer. Shyam says Heer is mine. This thing surprises Heer as well. When she asks Shyam he replies that she should give Virat’s place to Shyam else Virat will not move on in his life. On the other hand Parmeet plans something and takes help from Preeto.

In upcoming episodes we’ll see that Parmeet will go to Preeto’s house. She will give a proposal to Preeto. Parmeet says I will help you so that you get Heer back and in return you will help me to get Virat remarried. Preeto will accept it and they will both shake hands. After that Preeto will request Isha with folded hands. Preeto says if she likes Virat then she can give her consent for this marriage. Surprisingly, Isha will say yes and Parmeet will be happy seeing this.

What will be Virat’s move after knowing this?
Will Virat accept Isha?
What will be Heer’s reaction?

Will Preeto be able to get Heer back?

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