Colors TV longest running show Shakti Astitva ke Ehsaas ki is going to witness a major drama in an upcoming episode of the daily. The makers and the writers are not living any stone unturned to make the story of the flick spicier and interesting for the audience. The regular viewers are in for Major drama to take place in tonight’s episode. Well, the regular audience of the serial aware about the fact of Vedant being in love with Soumya. Not only this, he wants to marry her at any cost. Even Preeto once again changed her colors and team up with Vedant to separate Soumya from Harman forever.

In last night’s episode of the show, ardent fans of Harman and Soumya witness Vedant is blackmailing and forcing Soumya to marry him. Here, Preeto also comes to Soumya house with the entire family begging for Harman’s release. She sheds some fake tears to convince her and felt happy to see her plan is working. Feeling suffocated and caught between situations Saumya takes a decision. Tonight Harman will come to meet Vedant to settle scores with him and finds him missing. Saya will also arrive there enquiring about Soumya.

Later on, Harman will get the shock of his life to see Soumya and Vedant comes there in bridal dress and garland. Soumya declares to him and rests that Vedant is her husband now and she and Sohum will stay with him here. She will ask Harman not to come to meet Sohum now. Harman gets angry and heartbroken but determines and promises Saumya never meet her again in life. Vedant will enjoy the show while Preeti will also rejoice her victory. Is this the end of Harman Soumya love story? The show is all set to take a long 20 years to leap in the upcoming days.



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