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Colors TV show Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki will come up with a shocking twist! In previous episode it’s seen that Heer gets a shock after she hears from Parmeet that Virat wants to leave her. She ignores her family’s concern for her. She invites Virat for dinner where she comes wearing a red saree to impress Virat. But seeing Virat’s cold attitude towards her she gets upset over the fact that she can’t live a normal life. Preeto lashes out at Virat for using Heer but Heer decides to accept Virat’s decision with heavy heart. Later Angel also sneaks into Heer’s house to trouble her again.

In upcoming episodes viewers will witness a lot of drama. Angel will be showing anger and will say i didn’t take Heer with us as I didn’t want any interference of Heer’s lover Virat. But as its clear that Virat will leave Heer then no one can stop Heer from living in kinnar community. Angel drags Heer with her. Parmeet also tells Virat to leave Heer’s house as he has nothing to do with Heer now. Virat goes with Parmeet. Preeto and Rohan get shocked hearing Heer’s scream. Heer keeps denying to go with Angel.

Has Virat really left Heer?

What is in Heer’s destiny?

Will Isha get succeeded in her plan of separating Virat and Heer?

All questions will be answered in upcoming episode. To know what will happen next keep watching the show.

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