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Colors TV long running show Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki has been dealing with an important issue since the beginning. It portrays a transgender’s struggle of seeking validation. Saumya and Heer both have left a powerful impact on the audience. Recently Heer breathed her last and Saumya learned from dying Kareena what Virat’s parents did to Heer. Heer, Gitu and Gitu’s father were murdered by Virat’s family.

Virat got shattered after learning the truth. Virat’s family got arrested and now Saumya’s new challenge is to show right path to Chintu? Raavi also came out of trauma and revealed the truth to Chintu. Now what will happen next It will be interesting to watch.

Earlier its seen how Preeto slapped Angel and warned her to stay away from the kid. Saumya and Preeto took the baby home after getting permission from the cops. Harman’s family got delighted seeing her after a long time and later they performed Puja.
Harman brought Virat home and then Raavi decided to transfer the property to Preeto as Its Harman’s wish too. Chintu stopped Raavi but Virat stopped him from misbehaving with Raavi. Later on Chintu thought to snatch the property from Harman.

In upcoming episodes viewers will witness that Preeto will tell about her wish that she wants to adopt the child. Saumya will support her and everyone will know about the child’s real identity. Chintu will talk ill about the baby as to why he is not getting any rights but the kinnar is getting everything. Virat will slap Chintu and they will get into a fight.
Later Angel will send them a threat as she wants the child. Raavi, Viran and Simran will tell Saumya that they will end up in trouble if they adopt the child. Already they went through a lot. Saumya will refuse to give the baby to Angel and later some goons will barge into Harman’s house and they will try to kidnap the baby with Chintu’s help. Saumya will save her.

Will Saumya catch Chintu?

Will Angel succeed?

All questions will be answered in upcoming episodes. To know what will happen next keep watching the show Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki.

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