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Colors TV show Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki never fails to give important message to the audience through its unique storyline. Currently, Mahi faked goodness and united Saumya and Harman to gain sympathy. Saumya understood her motive and exposed her with Virat’s help. Mahi also joined hand with Angel.

Earlier it’s seen how Police searched Harman’s house but couldn’t find Saumya. Virat followed Daljeet and reached an unknown place, he felt Heer’s presence. He tried to call Harman to inform him about Heer but the latter didn’t pick up. Virat dropped a message and Angel read it. She tried to run away but Saumya tied her with rope. Harman got happy to know that Virat found Heer finally.

Saumya told Preeto to keep eyes on both Mahi and Angel. Virat tried his best to reach Heer. Daljeet made Virat unconscious and his men confined Virat in the same place where Heer is caged. Heer told Virat to get up and broke down. Later Heer and Virat shared a romantic moment in Heer’s dream. They danced together and hugged each other. Later Virat got his senses back and revealed that Heer’s Gulabo and Harman both are back. Heer got overjoyed to know that. She also apologised to Virat for not respecting his feelings. She promised that she won’t leave him again. There Saumya and Harman kept searching for Heer and Virat.

In upcoming episodes viewers will witness that Angel will request Mahi to free her but she will avoid her. Daljeet will call on the landline number and Harak will lie to him that Angel is not home. Preeto won’t let Angel speak anything. There Harman and Saumya will come in guise of Rajasthani folk artists. They will entertain Daljeet and other goons. They will offer unexpected help to Heer and Virat, as a result Heer and Virat will be able to untie each other.

There Mahi will help Angel in escaping after After hearing Angel’s manipulative words. Preeto will lash out at Mahi for not thinking about Heer. The goons will fall unconscious after drinking alcohol. Saumya and Harman will search for Virat and Heer but Angel will shoot in the meantime and will hold them at gunpoint.

What will Saumya and Harman do now?

What is Angel’s next move?

All questions will in upcoming episodes. To know what will happen next keep watching the show Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki.

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