Today’s opens starts with Varun. He sees Soham and slips from the stairs. Soham ask Varun to sit. He applies ointment on Varun’s wound. Shanno gets happy thinking God is on her side.

Soham kisses Varun’s wound. Varun recalls his moments with Soham. Shanno tries to manipulate Varun and he joins hand with her. There, Maninder and Bebe cut the CCTV wire of Saumya’s room. Bebe ask Maninder to go to Saumya and kill her and she will wait outside.

Maninder goes to Saumya’s room and recalls his moments with her. He chokes Saumya’s neck. Saumya dies. Saumya’s soul comes and talks with Maninder. She says she has always given him respect and wanted to be his daughter. But now she prays to almighty that in next birth she is ready to take a birth as a transgender but don’t want to be a Maninder’s daughter. Saumya says to Mainder that from now he is childless. Maninder stands stunned.

Back to reality; Maninder hands shake while killing Saumya. He recalls his moments with Saumya and cries loudly. He says he don’t want to be childless and asks forgiveness from Saumya.

Reet comes to Saumya and while talking with her takes Heer’s name and Saumya shows the movement. There, Heer prepares birthday card for Reet. Heer imagines Saumya and Saumya talks with Heer.

Maninder comes and Bebe ask if he killed Saumya. He says no and reveals to Bebe that father inside Maninder has awakened and now he won’t let anyone to harm Saumya except her destiny.

Bebe says to Mainder that he has gone mad and tries to kill Saumya. Maninder locks her. He cries and misses his wife Nimmi. Later, Gayatri wakes up and sees CCTV of Saumya’s room is not responding. She runs to check her and feels relieved seeing her fine.

Gayatri tells to Maninder that she doubts someone entered Saumya’s room last night. Maninder and Bebe stands shocked (Episode Ends)

Precap: Preeto meets Gayatri. Gayatri takes Maninder’s name and Preeto gets shocked. Maninder and Preeto come face to face.