Today’s episode opens with Maninder. He gives promise to Preeto and says till he is alive he will not let anyone harm Saumya. Varun overhears their talks and says Maninder knows about Saumya. Preeto says now she is  happy that after Harman, Saumya got the new protector.

Varun follows Maninder so that he can learn Saumya’s address. Heer comes to her room and takes out her doll and recalls her past with Saumya.  Heer says to Doll that she miss Gulabo. The doll falls down and Heer ask the doll not to worry.

Maninder sees mask man following him, he walks fast. Reet tells to Gayatri that an unknown person was showing Saumya’s pic and was asking about her. Meanwhile, Maninder catches mask person and tries to unveil him. But Varun hits on Maninder’s hand and runs away.

Afterwards, Heer and Rohan tries to cheer upset Soham. Soham didn’t respond. Later, Heer disguise as old lady and cheers up Soham saying she is no less than his grandmother and now she will tell him the story.

Preeto recalls Gayatri’s word and thinks who wants to harm Saumya. She thinks to take away Saumya and go to some other place. Heer comes to Preeto and ask if she is in tension. Preeto says no and spends time with her. Soham sees the duo and thinks why none talks about his aunty.

Mainder ask Gayatri till when Saumya will get well. Gayatri says medicine is working now everything depends on God. Ahead, Bebe pours oil on stairs and Reet slips down. Gayatri and Mainder take Reet to the room. Meanwhile, Bebe goes to Saumya’s room and says today she will kill her. She chokes her neck and Saumya opens her eye. Bebe shouts and Maninder and Gayatri rushes to her room. Maninder stands stunned seeing her. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Reet celebrates her birthday. Heer feels Saumya’s presence.