Today’s episode opens with Bebe and Maninder. The duo stands stunned seeing Saumya. Gayatri comes and stands shocked too seeing Saumya. Reet gets happy seeing Saumya has opened her eyes. She shows her birthday decoration and Gayatri ask her to go to her room as Saumya is still not well and has just opened eyes in unconscious state.

After, Gayatri leaves Maninder ask Bebe what she has done with Saumya. Bebe makes a story. Maninder threatens Bebe and ask her not to dare harming Saumya else he will forget she is his mother.

 Heer looks for Soham. Other side, Shanno makes Soham meets Varun. Shanno says to Soham that Varun is his aunty’s husband.

Soham ask Varun where is his aunty. Varun tells to him that Preeto and Saumya killed her. Soham refuses to believe Varun. Varun ask Soham to check Preeto’s cupboard he will get to know the truth.

Bebe meets Shanno and tells her that Maninder has become Saumya’s protector. She further ask Shanno to tell what all happened with Saumya and her family. Shanno tells her the whole story and in return she asks Bebe to tell Saumya’s address. Bebe says to her that she will let her know once she will find.

There, Maninder requests Saumya to open her eyes for him. He talks with her and asks her to forgive him.  Rohan ask Soham to come with him to play. Soham says he is not well and will come afterwards. He thinks to check Preeto’s cupboard. There, Reet gets upset and complaints to Maninder that Heer is her good friend but Gayarti is not allowing her to invite her for her birthday. Gayatri ask Reet to go and study. Later, Heer pleads Mallika to take her to Reet’s house. Mallika dreams Saumya too is pleading her to take Heer to meet Reet. She gets teary and gets ready to take Heer to Reet’s place.

Reet ask Mallika to take her in the night and bring her home before morning. Ahead, Heer drags Soham to the room and shows him the card and Reet’s birthday gift. Soham decide to check Preeto’s cupboard and refuses to accompany Heer to Reet’s house. (Episode Ends)

Precap:  Mallika and Heer comes to Reet’s house. Saumya and Heer both sense each other’s presence. Saumya’s body shows the movement and she opens her eye.