Today’s episode opens with Shanno and Soham. They enters Preeto’s room.  Shanno takes the cupboard key from Preeto drawer and checks if she is sleeping or not. Reet celebrates her birthday. She cuts the cake. Heer ask mobile from Gayatri’s and everyone enjoys the party after she plays the song. Reet and Heer performs the dance. Heer imagines Saumya and dances with her. Here, Shanno takes out the papers from Preeto’s cupboard.

Saumya suffocates and her health deteriorates. Gayatri sees Saumya and tries to calm her down. Heer runs to Saumya’s room too but won’t able to see her face. Maninder takes Reet and Heer out from the room. Mallika ask Maninder and ask if Reet’s aunty is not well.

Maninder says Gayatri is checking and ask her to take away Heer. Gayatri further ask Maninder to hold Saumya and gives her the injection.

Maninder recalls her moments with Saumya and gets teary. Bebe clicks Saumya’s picture. Other side, Shanno acts in front Soham and manipulates him. She tells Soham that he is Varun and Surbhi’s child and Saumya is not his mother. Soham stands shocked. Mallika brings Heer back. Soham reads out the papers and Shanno smirks wickedly seeing him. Ahead, Heer requests Mallika to pray for Reet’s aunty. Mallika sees Heer and recalls Harman and Saumya. Soham in his room recalls Shanno’s word and gets upset.

Mallika shares with Chameli that she doubts Saumya is at Gayatri’s home, as she can feel her presence. She further decides to keep an eye on Gayatri’s house. Chameli agrees with her.

Bebe comes to meet Harak. She tells him about Saumya and also reveals that Maninder has a change of heart for Saumya. Later, Harak says to Bebe that once he will be back from jail, he will kill Saumya and Heer both. He further reveals Heer’s kinnar truth to Bebe. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Heer ask Saumya to wake up and cries. Saumya wakes up hugs Heer.