Today’s opens with Shanno telling to Varun that their work is done and Soham learned the truth. Mahi brings Soham. Shanno and Varun instigate Soham against Saumya and Preeto. Soham decides to go with Varun. Shanno thinks now Varun will tell her Saumya’s address.

 There, Heer cries for Soham and Preeto and Rohan tries to console her. Veeran tells to Preeto that he searched Soham but didn’t found him. Preeto worries for Soham.

Ravi and Sindhu goes to hunt Soham. Other side, Varun brings Soham to his home. Soham gets happy and sees Surbhi’s picture and decides to stay with Varun forever. Varun makes Soham to promise him.  Maninder prays in front of  God and ask to cure Saumya, as he is not able to see her pain. Gayatri and Bebe spots Maninder at the temple and ask him what he is doing here. Maninder says he is here to pray to God.

Ahead, Maninder says to Bebe that he won’t let any trouble to touch Saumya after Bebe accuses him for praying kinner.

Maninder goes to Saumya and talks to her. He gets teary recalling past and tells to Saumya that he went for temple her. He shows her the gifts he brought for her. Gayatri enters the room and stands shocked after Maninder reveals to her that he is Saumya’s father. Gayatri ask Maninder to leave the room and ask him not to come to Saumya’s room till Saumya forgives him.

Maninder walks out from the room. Reet brings flower garland for Gayatri and gives her. She further asks Gayatri if she can give it to Saumya too and Gayatri allows her. Reet seeks Maninder’s help but he refuses to help her.

Gayatri further ask Bebe to stay away from Saumya. Heer misses Soham. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Heer meets Saumya and ask her to wake up. Saumya hugs Heer.