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The episode starts with Anokhi showing fake anger on Shaurya. They both stabilize the decoration. Anokhi asks how did ACP Ahir let him go. Shaurya recalls apologizing Ahir and says that he’s doing it as Anokhi is waiting for him to celebrate Holi. He asks him to not come between them. Ahir says has no intention to interfere in their relationship but if he felt he’s wrong or Anokhi unhappy then he would definitely snatch Anokhi from him. Shaurya asks him to keep dreaming and wishes him Happy hook. Flashback ends. Shaurya thanks Anokhi for the arrangements.

Anokhi asks does he understand anything else and Shaurya says indirectly. Anokhi wishes Happy Holi to Anokhi. She’s about to leave when Shaurya stops her. Babli watches them together. Shaurya says that his Holi can’t be happy yet as he didn’t apply Colors on her and asks if she’s waiting for someone. Anokhi says even he didn’t apply colours on him and asks the same. Shaurya wants to apply colours first but Anokhi challenges him that he should apply first. They both make a deal while Anokhi runs away.

Babli finds Anokhi and asks if still she didn’t click pictures. She says she’s waiting for Ps and Babli asks who’s Ps. Anokhi says it’s Shaurya and makes an excuse. Babli says she was noticing the change in her from the time Shaurya stayed with her at hostel. She asks her to be careful about what she’s doing. Shaurya greets everyone and Devi asks where he was. Shaurya says he was busy with some work and starts playing Holi with them using flowers. Anokhi notices Shaurya and diverts Babli’s attention.

Shaurya and Anokhi starts playing Holi without caring about their surrounding. Devi, Gayathri and Kanchan watches it shocked. Devi asks Shagun to come in. Shagun comes there and notices Anokhi and Shaurya playing Holi very close to each other. Others too gets shocked hearing it. Shagun runs away heart broken and Devi follows her. Kanchan gets scared about Devi noticing Shaurya and Anokhi’s romance. Gayathri blames Kanchan for the mishap.

Devi asks Shagun where she’s going. Shagun confronts Devi about lying to her. She says she saw how Shaurya looks at her and he never looked at her with so much love. Devi says that Shaurya is just seeing her in her. Shaurya and Anokhi are dancing. Shagun says she gave hopes to her with lies and gets angry. Devi asks how could she compare herself with such a middle class girl. She says that she thought she’s a modern classy girl who gets what she wants. She asks her to get what’s hers at any cost and not quit without fighting. While dancing, Shaurya finds Anokhi missing and searches for her. Devi manipulates Shagun to fight for her love but Shagun says she didn’t come here for snatching love. She asks her to get him married to the love of his life if s her ex really cares about him. She leaves.

Shagun a is searching for Anokhi. Alok asks where’s Shagun. Devi says she left but she can’t accept her defeat. She says she will never let Anokhi to be with Shaurya. Anokhi is playing hide and seek with Shaurya. Shaurya finds Anokhi hiding and secretly comes from behind. He colours his hand and applied colours on her face but it turned out to be Shagun. Shagun gets happy and turns towards him. Shaurya gets shocked seeing Shagun. She too applies colours on him and hugs him.

Precap : Shagun gets appointed as the new lecturer in SIAC by Tej and Alok. Shaurya stands helpless.

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