Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 15th May 2021 Written Update On

The episode starts with Devi venting out her frustration on Anokhi. She scolds her for warding off time for the past two days. Devi accuses Anokhi but Aastha supports her. Anokhi says that they don’t have time for all the drama. Ahir agrees with Anokhi and asks them to concentrate on finding Shaurya. He asks Anokhi about the details. Anokhi explains whatever happened. Shaan understands that the another kidnapper has took away Shaurya. Ahir says he will find him and asks Anokhi to go to the old place to find some clues. Tej offers to call more police and asks Ahir to punish Vineet.

Ahir assures him of the same and Shaan wishes to accompany him. Ahir makes him understand that his family needs him and also adds that kidnapper may call anytime and he needs to be there to attend it. Shaan stands adamant but Ahir explains him the situation. He asks them to listen to him. Aastha asks Anokhi to take care as well as Shaurya. Ahir and Anokhi leaves. They both come to the kidnapped place. Anokhi gets shocked seeing all the evidences including the blood disappeared. Ahir says that the kidnapper is professional to wipe out the traces. Anokhi cries calling Shaurya’s name. Shaurya is tied up in the same place hidden somewhere. Anokhi blames herself for leaving from there because of which Shaurya is missing. They both leave the place deciding to let the forensic take over it. Shaurya kicks a can in order to stop Ahir and Anokhi leaving but they couldn’t get the clue.

Babli holds Vineet who’s trying to escape. She asks about Shaurya but he scolds her and leaves pushing her away. Ahir asks Anokhi to not panic but Anokhi asks how’s it possible when one’s loved one is in danger. She lashes out at him in frustration but soon apologizes for her behaviour. Ahir says its OK and asks her to join Sabherwals. Anokhi denies but Ahir reminds her that only she know kidnapper’s face and will be needed if the kidnapper calls them. Anokhi agrees to go having no option Shagun comes to Devi and fills her mind against Anokhi. She calls Anokhi two faced and forces Devi to act up against her.

Yash is scolding Kanchan for not agreeing to go back to villa when Kanchan spits Babli crying. She asks the reason for it for which she says only Shaurya. Anokhi is consoling Aastha when Devi comes there. She gives money to Anokhi for her information against her own brother in law and asks her to get lost. Aastha tries supporting Anokhi but Devi shuts her. Tej asks Devi to not act that way given to the situation. Anokhi opens Shaurya’s picture in her phone and uses the money to ward off evil eyes. She gives a befitting reply to Devi and makes it clear that she won’t leave unless she find Shaurya.

Precap : Anokhi finds Shaurya