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The episode starts with Kanchan wondering when did Vineet kidnap Shaurya as he was with them all the time. Devi asks if they were in Goa the whole time and not Chandigarh. Yash and Kanchan gets caught. Yash tries explaining but Devi is disappointed. She accuse Kanchan of partying when everyone are worried about Shaurya.

Kanchan says that they didn’t know about his kidnap else he is like a brother to her too. Aastha says that it’s not time to speak all this and asks Kanchan if Vineet spoke with anyone when he was with them but Kanchan denies. Kidnapper is drinking and enjoying while Anokhi is still hiding.

She tries calling others but there was no signal. Devi lashes out at them for not bringing back Shaurya. Shaan accuses Ahir for his stupidity and Aastha controls him. She asks him to behave. Anokhi is waiting for the right time. Ahir calls someone and asks for cc TV footage around the area. Anokhi finally calls Ahir and informs everything. Ahir asks if she’s sure that Shaurya is there and Anokhi says she heard his voice. Ahir ask her to stay there safe and leaves soon. Kidnapper spots Anokhi.

Babli is worried about Anokhi and scolds Vineet. She’s roaming in the corridor panicking. Vineet comes from behind and enters the room without her knowledge. He says that he could MG board flight without his ID. Kidnapper holds Anokhi at gun point and asks her to say to whom she called. Babli asks Vineet if he came for this and shows the ID to him. Vineet struggles to get the ID from her but Babli doesn’t budge. He held her tight calling her weak and pins her to bed. He gets the ID card. Babli thinks that she’s not weak and finds a vase beside her. She throws it at him and he falls unconscious.

Kidnapper was busy applying chloroform in his kerchief when Anokhi snatches the gun in the meantime. She asks him about Where’s Shaurya and how to reach him. The kidnapper says about a secret underground passage which will lead her to Shaurya. Anokhi forces him to smell the chloroform filled kerchief or else threatened to shoot him. The kidnapper does as she said and faints immediately.

Anokhi ties his up and goes to find Shaurya. She reaches the place and finds an unconscious Shaurya. She gets teary eyed seeing him and starts removing his bind. Shaurya starts gaining his consciousness and he takes her name. She gets teary eyed when his family came there. Anokhi removes her hand from him and goes far away while his family rushed to him. They share a tearful eye lock.

Precap : Shaurya gets engaged to Shagun as Devi blackmails him.

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