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The episode starts with Anokhi recalling Shaurya’s words and Kitty’s words. She recalls their moments together and cries. Reema asks what happened. Anokhi says she can’t understand whether it’s good or bad. Reema asks what did he say and Anokhi says I Love You. Reema gets excited when Anokhi says his I Love you is filled with hatred. Reema asks what did she say and Anokhi says what she said. Reema taunts her and scolds her for her stupidity. Anokhi says she can’t trust after what she saw with her eyes. She says Shagun left the top college to join SIAC and how could she overlook it. Reema tries making her understand but Anokhi leaves crying.

Next day, Anokhi asks Reema to attend the meeting instead of her as she can’t face her. Reema scolds her and says Shaurya did not come to college and she can understand it herself. Kanchan comes there and asks what happened last night that he didn’t come to home.

Anokhi gets surprised hearing it and Kanchan asks if they fought last night. She gets a call and attends it to find Shaurya leaving Goa in hurry. Kanchan is sure that something happened between them and asks Anokhi about it. Anokhi explains whatever happened while Kanchan says that she definitely misunderstood things. She says that it’s not as big as she thinks. She says if something is over then it’s over for Shaurya.

Anokhi says Shagun still loves him though. Kanchan asks her to think about herself and not her. She asks her to think what they want. Kanchan says she said whatever she wanted to say. She adds that even if they don’t get back together Shaurya would not go back to Shagun. She leaves asking her to take a right decision. Anokhi wonders why did he go to Goa.

Shaurya is riding the vehicle recalling Anokhi’s moments with him. Reema helps Anokhi and Anokhi says that she’s going to correct the wrong. A couple asks Shaurya to click pictures. He does and thinks all he needs was a chance. Babli calls Ahir and says that Anokhi has went to Goa. Ahir asks whys she panicking for it as she would’ve gone with her friends. Babli says that she went alone for Shaurya. Ahir asks her to say clearly.

Babli says she followed Shaurya to Goa and is very worried for her as she never travelled alone for so distant places.. She worries about her father. Babli asks Ahir if he can come with her and Ahir asks her to share the details so that he can book tickets. Babli thanks him. Anokhi comes to Goa and asks receptionist for Shaurya Sabherwal. She asks for his details but the receptionist denies giving details. She pleads her to give his room number but receptionist says its against their policies.

Receptionist asks her to wait in lobby but Anokhi pleads her to at least contact via intercom. Shaurya passes by but they both miss each other. Anokhi is searching Shaurya but they don’t see each other. Ahir and Babli gets in car and Ahir asks what excuse she made at home. She says she lied that she’s going for engagement in Goa. Ahir praises her and they both share a conversation.

Anokhi calls Kanchan asking for room number but Kanchan says he’s not picking her calls too. She also says that she booked a room for her in the same hotel and asks her to check in. Anokhi feels grateful and Kanchan asks her to come back convincing Shaurya.

Precap : Anokhi finds Shaurya and is about to give her answer when Babli interrupts them.