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The episode starts with Anokhi is adamant to follow Ahir is searching Aastha. Anokhi says that as Shaurya said she too feels responsible for whatever happened and pleads him to let her down accompany him. Ahir tries making her understand but she’s adamant. Finally he gives in and agrees.

Shaurya is driving the car lost in Aastha’s words when Devi calls him. He cuts the call and Devi gets pestered. She wonders what’s happening to Shaurya. Shaurya is still searching for Aastha. Ahir asks Anokhi to have something and he’s about to go get it. He asks her to inform her family in the mean time. He’s about to go when he gets news about an unidentified dead body.

He informs Anokhi of the same and calls Shaurya. Shaurya and Anokhi gets stunned but Ahir asks them not to worry as it isn’t necessary for it to be Aastha. He says Shaurya that he will text him the location. Shaurya picks Devi’s call and informs about dead body. Shaan gets shattered.

Shaurya and Anokhi rushes to the place with Ahir and they gets relieved seeing that it’s not Aastha. Anokhi hugs Shaurya in happiness. Ahir says that he’ll continue with rounds and asks them to go home. Shaurya offers Anokhi a ride when she’s adamant that she’ll go with Ahir to find Aastha.

Shaurya tries stopping her but she’s adamant. They were about to leave when Shaurya says that how can he take a civilian with him and calls it irresponsible. Ahir says that he reminds him of his father’s words. He says that he believes that he is either tensed thus behaves this way or he’s Arrogant to behave in such a way.

Ahir warns him to arrest him for his behaviour. He says that an individual can take their own decision. Shaan comes there panicking and Shaurya assures him that its not Aastha. Shaan cries hugging him. Shaan offers to go to Kapurthala to find her but Shaurya opposes it seeing his condition. Anokhi leaves with Ahir.

Gayathri is relieved that it’s not Aastha. She asks Shaan if she can bring something for him. Shaurya says that more than food he needs rest. Devi asks him to have something at least but he declines. Devi and Alok discuss about Shaurya’s changing behaviour. She wishes to find Aastha before Police. She’s upset over the continuous ranting of Aastha.

Devi wants Aastha before anyone could find her. Alok assures her of the same. Next morning, Ahir gets information about Aastha. He informs Anokhi that Aastha was seen in two different locations and he’s now going to one location. Anokhi pleads him to send the second location address so that she n search there. He’s hesitant but later gives in.

Anokhi rushes to Shaurya and informs what Ahir said. They both argue and she’s about to leave when her hair gets stuck on his dress and they both act reckless. Shaurya irked cuts her hair and leaves with Anokhi. They both are in car when Anokhi struggles with the seat belt. Shaurya helps her and they fall in eye lock.

Precap :Shaurya saves Anokhi from protest fire.