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Episode begins with Babli and ACP talking with each other and ACP is kind of cheerfully confirming if Shaurya and Anokhi had a proper breakup or not? Babli is confirming that Anokhi doesn’t like those kind of persons who do not approve of women’s growth and ACP says even I don’t like such persons.

Anokhi is sitting on the edge of a balcony when Shagun comes to meet her when she is searching for her room key in her bag. Shagun says whatever you are looking for I give it to you now you should give me back what I belong to me. I know he doesn’t understand the meaning of her words. Shagun made it clear to her that I am talking about Shaurya, the only common factor between both of us. He went out of the house three hours ago to meet you and hasn’t returned home yet so it’s obvious that it must be because of you. Anokhi says he doesn’t come to meet me neither will I meet him if he does. She says I am not a great human like you and that I will give up my career and my aspirations for my love. Shagun says it depends on person to person and specially when it comes to love people do such things as well.

Anokhi says if it is like that then I would like to congratulate you for having such love and she stands up to work out but Shagun tries to know from her about Shaurya. Anokhi says if you keep asking me the same questions in different ways then it will not change my answer. She says I don’t know anything about it and I am not even interested. On the other hand a watch dropped from the pocket of Vineeth and he realises that this watch belongs to Shaurya. Anokhi is worried about Shaurya and she thinks that where he went all of a certain again without telling anybody and she tries to call him but his phone is lying on the ground and no one is there to pick it up.

Anokhi is sensing something wrong with Vineet and she says to Babli that more than angry he is looking disturbed. Vineet denies going back to Chandigarh this soon and says that I will stay here for some days more. Kanchan is back from shopping and decides to show it all to Shaurya but he is nowhere to be seen and she is trying to contact him. Kanchan had a small argument with Yash and she says to him that I will do what my mind will think like do since I am also a Saberwal now. The next morning, Anokhi dreams about Shaurya and there was a doorbell and she thinks it is Shaurya but unfortunately it turns out to be a laundryman. She notices the red dress which Shaurya gifted her on her birthday.

She goes out of the room with the dress and torns it and destroys the dress. Kanchan notices the whole thing and says that there must be a big fight between Shaurya and Anokhi but this time I will not be able to help out. Moreover, cheap things that no matter how much Shaan uncle wanted Shaurya not to face the same fate in love but it is bound to happen. Anokhi says to Babli about Shaurya not being in Goa but she takes it lightly but Anokhi is disturbed. Anokhi is almost close to notice the watch of Shaurya below the bed.

Precap – The family members are worried and Shaurya is kidnapped.

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