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The popular evening show of Star Plus “Shaurya aur Anokhi Ki Kahani” is going through a lot of ups and downs with so many things happening at a time in Goa. The Goa trip which was supposed to be a memorable memory for Shaurya and Anokhi turned out to be a disaster. As of now Anokhi is not interested in having any relationship with Shaurya whereas Shaurya is nowhere to be found.

In the episode tonight, the audience will get to see, the entire family of Shaurya will come to meet Anokhi to extract some information from her about Shaurya since he went out of the house to meet her last time.

Anokhi is trying to enter the room of Bubli, but she had no choice left hence she decided to collect the keys of Shaurya’s room so that she can jump into the balcony of Bubli’s room from there.

Shaan and Aastha had a conversation regarding Shaurya and Anokhi. Shaan says that I am having a feeling that Anokhi must have said something hurtful to Shaurya and that’s why he is not coming back home. Aastha defends Anokhi and says that she is not at fault and I am sure she can’t do anything like this ever. Son tries to make her understand that sometimes even if we don’t want we end up saying hurtful things to the other person.

Anokhi says to Sabarwal family members that she has no idea about Shaurya and also that she has no interest as well to know where he is and what he is doing. She has a lot of work and ambitions in her life to complete apart from trying to trap Shaurya.

Later on, Anokhi finds out a helpless and distressed bubbly inside her room and she is badly injured. She gets angry and decides to rescue her sister from the room before Vineet can come inside. Gayatri receives a call claiming that shourya is kidnapped and an amount was asked to given in return.