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Rajan Shahi ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ is gearing up for major twist. In the upcoming episode viewers will see, Arohi will confront Sheela about Goenkas’ behaviour towards her. Sheela will fetch an opportunity to venom Arohi’s mind against Akshu and Goenkas. She will manipulate Arohi and will convince her that Akshu belongs to rich house thus Goenkas care for more. There, Manish will tell to Akshu about Sheela’s cunningness. Arohi will turn against Akshu? Well, keep watching the show to know more.

So far in the episode it is seen, Arohi accuse Akshu for always buttering Sirat as she is a step-daughter and needs everyone’s attention. Sirat asks Akshu not to get bothered by Arohi’s word. Manish think about Arohi’s changed behaviour. Swarna asks Manish what is he thinking. Manish says Sirat shouldn’t have told the truth to Akshu and Arohi. He says both the sister relationship is affected. Swarna says the truth might have come in front of both some day. Surkeha says Arohi has Goenkas’ blood thus she is intelligent but she is angry because she has Sheela’s blood too. Sirat asks Surekha to stop comparing Arohi and Akshu. Manish asks Sirat to keep a check upon Arohi and Akshu so that their relationship is not affected.

Later, Arohi learns about Sheela. Sheela meet Arohi and gets happy. Manish says to Sheela to stay away from Arohi and Akshu. Sirat and Goenkas learn Sheela needs a job. Sirat refuse to help Sheela. Sheela asks Sirat not to be stubborn as she badly needs a job.

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