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Shivangi Joshi and Mohsin Khan starrer ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ is gearing up for another high voltage drama. In the upcoming episode, Sheila will mark her presence at Goenka house to meet Aarohi. Manish will get irked seeing Sheila. How Sirat will deal with the situation will be interesting to watch. What twist Sheila will bring in the story, time will only tell.

So far in the episode it is seen, Aarohi gets angry on Manish for comparing Naira and Sirat. She asks Akshu why Manish compared Naira and Sirat. Akshu says she is clueless. She asks Arohi to ask to Sirat. Sirat come. Akshu asks Sirat why Manish scold her. Aarohi confront Sirat about Manish’s behaviour. Sirat explain Aarohi that sometimes in anger anyone can have a slip of tongue. She add sometimes in anger she too scold them. Sirat asks Aarohi and Akshu to have food. Aarohi tell to Sirat about school project and refuse to eat. Akshu asks Sirat to feed her. She adds she is clueless if Naira would have been here how much she would have loved her. But she is sure Naira would have not love her more than Sirat. Sirat feed Akshu. Aarohi spots Sirat with Akshu. She asks Sirat to feed her too.

Aarohi make her school project and asks Akshu to make too. Akshu says she hasn’t yet decided what to make. She decide to call Kartik and seek his help in getting an idea. Aarohi calls Akshu dumb.

Later, Aarohi accuse Akshu for trying to impress Sirat to gain her attention. Akshu stands shocked hearing the accusation.

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