Shemaroo Umang’s popular show, Gauna Ek Pratha, has hit a significant milestone – celebrating its 100th episode! The journey commenced with the beautiful tale of Gehna and Gaurav, who were married during their childhood. Gehna’s quest to embrace her Gauna ceremony and live happily has been the core of the story. But life’s twists and turns present many challenges for Gehna as she navigates her path and discovers hidden truths.

As Gauna Ek Pratha reaches this wonderful 100-episode mark, it’s a time for celebration! The whole team, including the stars Krutika Desai, Rohit Purohit, and Parvati Sehgal, gathered on set for a cheerful celebration with a cake. Their excitement and appreciation for this grand achievement were evident as they marked this significant moment together.

Reflecting on the show’s success, Krutika Desai, who portrays Gehna in Gauna Ek Pratha, expressed, ” Portraying Gehna in “Gauna Ek Pratha” has been a significant milestone in my career. Hitting the 100-episode mark isn’t just a number; it’s a symbol of our dedication to creating heartfelt stories.

The incredible support from our fans keeps us motivated to make content that connects with them. This journey has been filled with learning, growth, and the pure joy of bringing characters to life, thanks to our amazing team. We’re grateful for this achievement and can’t wait to continue telling the journey of Gehna that touch our fans hearts and souls.”

Rohit Purohit went on to express, “Each achievement a show attains is a testament to the dedication of not just the lead actors, but the entire ensemble of cast and crew. The team here is exceptionally committed to delivering their absolute best, and this dedication clearly reflects in the quality of our on-screen work. I am genuinely thrilled about this significant milestone, and I extend my heartfelt wishes to the team for the next 1000 episodes on the horizon. With hope and gratitude, we anticipate our fans continuing to shower their love upon Gehna, Gaurav, and Urvashi, as we embark on this incredible journey.”

Parvati Sehgal conveyed her excitement on this momentous occasion, expressing, “Urvashi’s journey has been an incredible ride I’ve treasured right from the beginning. Starting off seeking revenge, Urvashi’s character changed enormously over the past 100 episodes, becoming someone strong, ambitious, and surprisingly warm-hearted. It’s amazing seeing fans connect with Urvashi’s different sides – her strong, determined persona and the softer, more affectionate one. Urvashi is like a mix of opposites – tough and ambitious yet with touches of both coldness and warmth. She’s as complex as they come – tough as a rock but surprisingly adaptable, just like wax. I was hooked by the depth of her character when I first heard about Gauna Ek Pratha. Playing Urvashi allows me to showcase the rich, intricate layers of human nature. The huge love and support from the audience for my take on Urvashi truly fill my heart with joy and thankfulness.”

Catch Gauna Ek Pratha on Shemaroo Umang every Monday to Saturday at 9 PM and join in the exciting journey ahead!