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The episode starts with Manmeet and Raj Kumar lying on bed and discussing about how things have changed and they got married which he never imagined.
Raj teases Manmeet saying she was strict and rude boss while he has always been romantic and fun loving. Manmeet argues back with him back and then flashback shows first day when Raj had come to company as an intern and got scolded from Manmeet. Raj Kumar had told Manmeet to first give him a chance because he can do lots of work and how both of them ended up having argument.

Manmeet asked Raj Kumar what dream is. Raj Kumar thought of his stand up comedian act but answered that he dreams to get married to beautiful lady like him and stay at home taking care of kids while she handles office. Manmeet told him to maintain their distance like trainee and boss. Manmeet teases Raj for getting married to him. Nirali comes to meet Raj Kumar and Manmeet but they are not at home.

Puneet tells Nirali that Raj and Manmeet have gone outside and she doesn’t know where they are. Nirali tells she cannot much but since marriage Manmeet and Raj have been facing a lot and she just wanted to warn that the plans have not stopped and she cannot say further. Later Puneet informs the same to Manmeet and Raj. They understand Nirali hinted towards Mr Yadav and talks to her. Nirali warns them that Bhairav Singh and Priyanka are planning to do something at office this time and tells Manmeet to be more careful.

At office, Hussain tells Manmeet that he has both good and bad news. Manmeet says to tell her bad news first because ending should be good. Hussain says Mr Yadav will be coming to office as he wants to make some changes, Manmeet says it’s not a bad news as she is already aware of it and asks him to tell the good news. Hussain says about a big company from Dubai who wants to tie up with them and the CEO will be visiting soon. The CEO aka Abhishek comes there and Manmeet is left shocked to see her ex.

Abhishek and Manmeet have some conversation, while Manmeet says about being happily married and having a kid, Abhishek tells Manmeet that he didn’t get anyone as nice as her. Manmeet tells Hussain about being her ex and she is feeling uncomfortable with his presence. She tells to hire architect for this new project. Mr Yadav comes to office with Priyanka and Murari. Manmeet asks Hussain to make sure he doesn’t know about Abhishek. Mr Yadav says they need a new MD because Raj is busy doing household work. The episode ends with Manmeet being left shocked as Mr Yadav announces Priyanka as the new managing director of company.

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