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Colors TV show Sherdil Shergill is being loved by the viewers for their uniqueness. Manmeet who works hard to achieve her dreams is being troubled by her family issues as her father doesn’t want to accept Anmol in their family. Meanwhile Raj is carefree and keeps acting rebellious against Manmeet during work.

In the previous episode, Nikki sent bouquet of roses to Raj’s house to ask forgiveness from him for arguing with him earlier. Raj’s family got all dramatic over it. Raj made an excuse that it wasn’t sent for him however everyone was suspicious. Raj met Nikki and scolded her but she put blame on Manmeet and said may be she sent it to his house to create trouble for Raj.

Raj forcefully made Manmeet disconnect her work call and asked her if she sent flowers at his home. She told him how she didn’t have time to waste nor did she know his address. Raj was left speechless. Later she talked to Gunjan who asked her to buy husband on rent but come to her marriage. Manmeet complained to Hussain about her problem. Hussain looked at Raj and suggested he can be suitable for this situation. In the upcoming episodes we will see if Manmeet will ask Raj to accompany her or not?

What will Raj ask in return for the favor?

To know more stay tuned to Sherdil Shergill!