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Colors TV show Sherdil Shergill is all set for upcoming twists as we see Raj declaring that he will leave the house if he is not permitted to marry Manmeet. Me Yadav agrees to him and takes heart attack. So how will Raj & Manmeet’s future be affected by all this?

In the previous episode Raj announced that if Manmeet and Anmol cannot become a part of all these, he will also leave the house. While Raj was about to go, Mr Yadav fell unconscious.
Later it was revealed that Bhairav Singh was just acting to stop Raj.

Manmeet came to Raj’s house and asked Raj about Mr Yadav’s health. Mr Yadav came there and said he will accept his defeat for Raj’s happiness and will accept their relationship. He said Raj that he will get married to Manmeet only but he has one condition that marriage should be in the same week.

Raj asked Manmeet why was she so worried, Mr Yadav had already said them to get married. Manmeet said how their life has been a roller-coaster. Raj assured her that he will handle everything and told Manmeet to say yes. Manmeet said that she needs to discuss with her parents. Mr Yadav said Nirali that he will get Raj and Manmeet’s marriage broken. Will love win?

Will Mr Yadav get successful in his games?

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