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Episode begins with Shiv throws his trishul towards Shankchur. Shankchur laughs. Shiv’s trishul breaks Shankchur’s shield and attacks Shankchur. Shankchur gets shocked seeing this and he screams Tulsi’s name. He dies. Tulsi hears this. She says that it’s her husband’s voice. She asks Narayan that who is the latter. Narayan takes his original form. She gets shocked seeing this. She opens the house door. Diti gets shocked seeing Narayan there. Tulsi runs from there. Diti tells Narayan that he tricked once again. She says that Narayan ruined Tulsi’s pativrata shakti and runs from there.

On the other hand, Narad tells Parvati that Shiv won in the battle. He says that Parvati’s strength is also responsible for this win. He chants har har mahadev. Everyone chants har har mahadev. Devraj Indra informs Shumbh and Nishumbh that Shiv killed Shankchur. He says that they need not to fight anymore because Shankchur is no more. Shumbh says that he did not take revenge for his brother death yet. He tries to attack Devraj Indra but Devraj Indra leaves from there.

Meanwhile, Shiv takes his trishul. Tulsi comes there and gets shocked seeing Shankchur’s dead body. She asks Shankchur to get up. Parvati, Devas and Goddesses comes there. Shiv tells Tulsi that everyone has to pay for their wrongdoings. Tulsi says that wrong happened with her. She tells Narayan to come in front of her. Narayan comes there. Tulsi tells Shiv that Narayan is the culprit. She reveals that it’s Narayan who broke her pativrata shakti to kill Shankchur. She asks Shiv to punish Narayan. Shiv, Parvati and Goddess Lakshmi gets shocked hearing this. Tulsi cries seeing Shankchur’s dead body.

Shiv sees what Narayan did using his power. He gets angry at Narayan. He tells Tulsi that he know everything and Narayan is her culprit. He asks Tulsi to punish Narayan and says Narayan has to accept Tulsi’s punishment. Goddess Lakshmi tries to defend Narayan. But Shiv interrupts and says no one need to defend Narayan and no one has rights to defend Narayan. Diti decides to punish Narayan using Tulsi. She tells Tulsi to take revenge on Narayan. Shiv tells Diti that Narayan is only Tulsi’s culprit so the latter should not interfere in this matter. He says that Tulsi can punish Narayan.

Tulsi glares at Narayan. She tells Narayan that she did tap, tyaag to protect Shankchur. She says that devotees can’t trust God if God did like this then. She tells him that she thought he is another form of kindness but he proved her wrong. Narayan remains silent. Tulsi is about to curse Narayan but Goddess Lakshmi stops the former.

Episode ends.

Precap – Tulsi curses Narayan to become stone. Shiv cries for Narayan. Parvati wipes Shiv’s tears. She tells him that Shukracharya and Diti coming to imprison Narayan. Shiv tells her that he won’t let that happen.

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