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Episode begins with Parvati tells Shiv that he cares about everyone’s feelings so he must love her so much. Shiv tells her that it’s difficult to say how much he loves her. He says that he loves her enough to bring fruits for her. She smiles hearing him. He tells her that he can understand fruit is sweet or sour seeing her expression. She tells him that this is what love is. He tells her that they should go to Kailash. She asks him that how he will prove his love if fruits don’t exist in the universe then.

Goddess Lakshmi tells Narayan that she want to know what will be Shiv’s answer. She says that everyone makes promises in love but it’s hard to not break it. Narayan tells her to listen Shiv’s answer.

Shiv takes Parvati near a tree. He says that, that tree will exist in the universe until human lives in the universe. He adds that it’s impossible to break the promise he made to Parvati. Parvati smiles hearing him.

In the Asur lok, Shukracharya says that Asurs unity is important. He tells Asurs that if they fought between them then that will be beneficial for Devas. Diti agrees with Shukracharya. She says that they need a king for them. Ragu suggests Shumbh for king position. Shukracharya asks Asurs that if anyone is against Shumbh becoming king. No one objects it.

On the other hand, Devraj Indra tells Rambh that house is ready. Rambh says that he and Shyamala won’t live in this house. He adds that if he lived in this house then he can’t fight against Devas in the future. Devraj Indra asks Rambh that why the latter did not tell his decision earlier. Rambh says that he was enjoying. Devraj Indra says that he worked a lot for nothing. He adds that Shiv is responsible for all this. Narayan says that Shiv gave a chance to Rambh to forget enmity but Rambh lost his chance.

Parvati tells Shiv that she will be with him always to hear his problems. Shumbh becomes king. Diti asks Shumbh to promise to do everything for Asurs. Shumbh promises to follow Diti’s order. He says that he will do something which previous kings did not do. He adds that he is going to release powerful Asur. Shukracharya asks Shumbh that the latter is talking about whom. Shumbh says that he is talking about Apasmara. Shukracharya says that Apasmara is powerful Asur but they face loss because of Apasmara. Shumbh orders soldiers to release Apasmara.

Meanwhile, Apasmara asks soldiers to release him. He says that Asurs arrested him which is unfair. Soldier tells Apasmara that no one will come to release the latter. Diti tells Shumbh that Apasmara may bring danger for them.

Parvati asks Shiv that why weather changed suddenly. She says that seems like bad is going to happen. A tree falls between Shiv and Parvati. Parvati gets worried seeing this. Shiv promises to not get separated from Parvati in his mind.

Shumbh orders soldier to open the cell of Apasmara. He enters the cell. Apasmara tells Shumbh that he will get released one day and no one can imagine what he will do after his release. Shumbh releases Apasmara.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Parvati tells Shiv that she want to celebrate Ganga’s birthday.

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